the ear

  • by nes-k
  • posted Feb 24, 2006

One colour, ok for all the colors of tee

Watch this

The break it styles is just too great. And, if anything, they should be reversed.


I like the break in styles. The way he did Van Gogh is reminiscent of Gogh's own style in his self portrait, and Spock is pretty much awesome all the time. I wish there was more color in this though.


OMG! this is hilarious! Love it... And I think the jump in styles works perfectly. If you had to extend the van gogh style I would maybe only suggest it as a treatment for the thought bubble... I like that Spock is all posterized and minimal... makes the ear-envy (or hate or whatever ear-thing) greater.


Concept is fantastic - really universal themes going on here. Execution's almost there. I'm a fan of the 1-color! $5


... what I was saying about the reversing of styles is this: if anything, I feel as if Van Gogh should look realistic, thinking of Spock in impressionistic glory, as opposed to a painting thinking of a real person. Does that make sense to anyone?

Tundraworthy Tunnels

SemantiTheft....I think I got Van Gogh wouldn't be painted in impressionism...he would think in impressionism.
I think you are onto something.

the whole premise is terribly delicious!


eh, you could lose the spock altogether. i'm not sure the connection is really all that relevant or "hilarious"... it's just there, and weird for weirdness's sake. which may of course be what you're going for. i'd buy it with just the van gogh... but then again i'm an art nerd. do what you will.


i ditto the above comment. no real connection, unless i'm missing something huge. but i'm pretty sure i'm not. van gogh. the ear. spock had big ears. ok. where's the humor?

i do like the rendering of van gogh, but it'd look nice in the louvre gift shop and notsomuch threadless.



mezo profile pic Alumni

If geniusness were measured in feces, this would be a pile of shit. 5$


excellent visu nesk, j'adore.


nice concept


ahh man this is great! Funny and simple... just how i like it- 5 $


ha! 5


Mmmmmmm... I came back for more! Don't change a thing!
Switched mine from $5 to $ 5-and-buy


funny. hehe you could do a coloured van gogh. my fave artist!


i love it. so buy it. so 5.

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