War and Peas

  • by mrchris
  • posted Feb 22, 2006


To WAr!

Watch this

I didn't get it without the title :-/

She Says So

yeah, the main pea kind of looks like a turtle shell.

quite a cute idea, but could be carried off better.

like if a coupel were riding carrotts and holding banners or something.


make the main pea look more like a pea and i will love it. and possibly saying to war.


lol. spoon catapults flinging peas are awesome!!!!!! id buy that. but no scribbled words


you definetely need to add a spoon, it will make the meaning of the shirt sooo much clearer, like the idea though


and clean up the drawing too, it will not get enough good votes in this form to be printed


How about adding a knife with some honey? I also agree that the lead pea should be saying "To war!".


I am so tired of lame puns drawn lamely. This is one of the laziest I've seen in a while: if I could take points away from you, I would.


Well Cambert its always nice to see people that lots of opinion, lot and lots. Maybe if you didn't bitch so much nd made some designs, then you be a little bit happier.
Sure the shirt is a pun, i just do them for a bit of fun. I like my designs to be really simple, oh and i like my designs.................... i lke yours...........


Haha, I think it's a cute idea, even if it's a little difficult to get at first.


Kind of you to worry about my happiness mrchris, but not necessary. I make lots of designs and sell them, as many professional designers do. It's earned me a good living ever since I left art school. And my sculpture has started to sell over the last few years too, which makes me happier still. You see, there's really nothing to worry yourself about. Perhaps the fact that I don't design tee-shirts for web sites has made you think I don't design anything at all. Not a justified assumption.
Not that I need to be this qualified to comment on your sub: you submitting it for open criticism is enough for that. You need to be sure you can take crits before you invite them. I stand by what I said: puns are unoriginal and this one is badly drawn. Your animations are good but this piece isn't. It looks lazy - in my opinion, of which (as you say) I have many, like any other person with a modicum of intelligence.


Well Cambert thanks for your honest opinion, guess i can't please everyone.
Didn't mean to come across as a dick. I'm not trying to moan at you ,sorry.
I do stand by my simple designs, even if you think i'm lazy, but if you don't like them, thats fine.
I really just like submitting stuff, its fun.
Why don't you put a link up on your account so i could see some of your work. If it sells it must be good. ^_^


I was much harsher than I should have been, sorry. I wan't trying to blame you for all the other puns out there. There just seems to be a 'pun' bandwagon right now and I've always felt the least creative response to a bandwagon is to jump on it. Set it on fire and steer it towards a cliff.

My stuff is mostly publication design at the moment; books more than anything, with some magazine consultancy, working to commission from a pool of regular clients mostly. Although I did get asked to design some tableware recently, through a strange chain of recommendations, and it was good fun. Hence pretty much everything sells - I usually have the buyer before I start the work.

I prefer to keep my roaming around the web entirely separate from my work practice, which is why I don't link it on this site. I come here to enjoy other people's designs and it wouldn't do me any good to advertise here.
As for me not liking this picture, there are plenty on your site I do like. Simple is fine but, then again, it would be interesting to see what universe your floaty guys are floating in. I'll keep my eyes open.


Im with Cambert. It is not that beautifull. And without the title it could be grass. I like artist and i can't call you that.


I dont think they look like peas :(


I don't get it. Why would pea's be going to battle?


there was a really cute design that was printed and discontinued that had two peas in a battlefield with helmets on and barbed wire in the back. Probably a better interpretation.

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