reaching for love

  • by spray
  • posted Feb 21, 2006

ahh love...

Watch this

Don't be afraid of color.


Oh man! I love it


I like this, it's really very pretty but I'd like to see some color, if not on the actual image itself then maybe on the t-shirt.


i agree -- it's a beautiful design and i think color would only enhance it.


some red would look great, on the lips and such.

gtreat image though


Quite pretty. 5. I like it!

M. Rogers

less color = more like a real stencil (street stencil, that is) and i know these flowing many-layered dreamy things are cliche and used to sell Microsoft products and are basically throwbacks to the throwback art nuveau (sp?) of OP and the surf shirt explosion-- BUT i like this one & its simplicity (except that the lack of jawline makes some of those wisps look like her neck has a big goiter).
and i say it all the time but it would be great as white & pink onb a black shirt.


WoW! Beautiful!


yes. one splotch of color would make the world a difference.

and i love M. Roger's connection to software marketing design and surf shirts, both new and old [OP, yes!]. i have never thought of that before, actually.

do something to make this one stand out from all the others just like it.


the top butterfly looks kind of flubby, for lack of a better word. everything else is full of nice,thin, flowy lines, and then the butterfly with the heart is all round and cartoony.


this is an awesome design, just add some colour thuogh


i dont like it
its too much like another shirt you have
where its on the side & its a girls head and theres some green in it


This is very pretty :) I like the calmness


iamsocool is probably refering to "Who I Am," this one is definitely different, your going to get designs that kinda look like one another from time to time, it doesn't meanthe artist is doing it on purpose, i think this design is fine without color, but not on grey, natural would look great


I like it, I would agree with the butterfly looking a little to 'thick' compared to the rest of the design.
Otherwise its a very nice design.


I love the designe...but I too think a little colour would be great!


i am entirely amused by the fact no one has pointed out it's a black design that includes a heart therefore it's so emo it transcends emo into a whole new emotion.


giveeeeee it colorrrrrrrrrrr!

other than that it's exquisite.

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