• by sonmi
  • posted Feb 20, 2006

  1. anticipating the dawning of a new era: the 1960s, with its aesthetics of psychedelic forms, patterns, and text.

    helvetica turns a little psychedelic, too.

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scoutti profile pic Alumni

hehe very nice

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i love your drawing style!


the drawing itself is fantastic, but is designed around a counterculture that really didn't come to the forefront until 1964. there was certainly a bohemian counterculture before then, but the same could be said of the '40s and '50s. it started really gaining popularity in 1964 in response to the impending Vietnam war (the phrase "hippie", a variation on hipster, was supposedly coined in '64) and had exploded by 1967. i really hate to be such a fuss-ass... like i said, i LOVE the drawing, and if you were to draw something else in this style i'd totally 5 it.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


jett- i understand what you mean. i didn't intend for the design to show that culture literally change in 1960; rather, referencing the entirety of the 60s decade as it is looked back on.

et al.
et al. profile pic Alumni

this is my numero uno favorite of the JOT subs. $5.


hey sonmi... just for the record, i gave it a 4 anyway... i love the drawing and the colours.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Your stuff is ridiculously printable. Love this.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

it should def have said 1964 or 65.


Yoko? Neat design, regardless.


And yeah, the psychadelic era didn't really start until after JFK was killed.


Well, we can be picky about when the era came about, but most people relate stylistic changes to the decades - 50s, 60s, 70s, etc... So I'd leave it the way it is. I really really like it; your brain must be a wonderful machine, sonmi.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

thanks lichkness :). that is what i intended, because i think it would be more confusing to have a, say, 1963 there. though i can understand the need for preciseness.

Monica Jean

hahaha! that's the best hippie facial expression i've ever seen. $5!


hahaha cute!! I love the colors & the way it was drawn
I would buy it


woah sonmi, i found yours by total accident! you know i love this <3


yeah like everyone said the the year doesnt fit right with her.. otherwise love it.

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