Hello Everybody!

  • by OlliRudi
  • posted Feb 20, 2006

maybe the speech bubbble should point to your mouth instead of...you know, down THERE. nice shirt though. Stay off yellow.

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i might like it better without the speech bubble. nice though


I like the speech bubble, but I agree that it should point up.


i like it, but size? that's an awful lot of ink.....


helooooooooooooooooooooooo to you too

I would like to see subtle differences
in color for the words so I can figure
out when one phrase ends and another


i'd like it better if there was no speech bubble.
just the "hello"s would be good.

i think.

scoutti profile pic Alumni

i like talking vaginas

i actually like it i'm giving a $4

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

talking genitals = hot = $5


I agree the bubble should point to their mouth. Cool idea though. 5.


I really like this apart from the fact it is in the speach bubble still 4 because i am still fond of it well done mon ami


Yeah, point the speech bubble at the mouth and I'd buy it in a second.


I nearly spilled coffee all over my keyboard when I read scoutti's comment.

The odd thing is that I like talking vaginas too. Hee.


That is a huge block of ink.


I hope these all actually mean "hello" in some language. otherwise they could just be random letters and i would have no idea.


I say get rid of the speech bubble, but I think it's a cute design. As it is, it would be REALLY stiff and awkward to wear, especially if you have boobs. I give it a 4, but you get a $5 if you get rid of the speech bubble.


I like the concept, but it seems a bit to blockish and big. Maybe not bind them all together in one bubble?


5$ for the sawadee at the end!


I love this shirt. Keep it just the way it is....$5


It's so big...and the speech bubble looks weird.


Omg i love this since Im polish and it ahs the polish way of saying hello :D


On green please


no bubble and a little smaller and its a buy


LOL yeah..."you know THERE" part...I didn't know privates talked. OTHERWISE- very cute idea =D I like it!


hmm...my stomach is always talking, so i feel like this shirt would only highlight that. i really love the blue shirt with green print though. maybe take out the bubble just because all that solid printed area would be uncomfortable and most people seem to see very friendly genitals.


i dig it.

just like stephadactyl i think
if i was wearing it would look like my liver was trying to get my attaention. may be it's telling to slow down on the beer.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

I think this would actually be better with 1 color and empty words.


Way too big for a print, make it saller next tme


lose the text!

i'm so kidding.


i'm with blamethesuburbs.

i LOVE this design but it would be a seriously stiff and sticky shirt.


looks very urban outerfittersish


since it's pointing to the stomach, I think it should say "grumble" and "fizzzz" in different languages.


I like it, but color/stylewise looks a tad too much like Less talk more Listen -- I'm not suggesting you're copying, but without some change it's probably too similar to be printed.


cute. i really like it, but the speech bubble is huge. maybe a little smaller would be better.

hotel bombings

haha i think flourpowers idea was cute. you should really make one like that. <3


The speechbubble out to point up if it's there at all, and the text is a pain in the arse to read, both the font and all crammed together like that. Consider making every other word a different colour, and I think that would help a lot. Or, as someone above said, make the words no ink, so the clour of the shirt showed through - only I'd suggest doing that on every other word, so you get the two colour affect.


no korean? bastard.


ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Your genitals are very talkative.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Shut your vagina lips!


i was thinking; brown tee with red and white words, like "hola" in red and "bonjour" inw hite etc. :)

other than that, 5!

¡ Squirrel Lover !


make the voice box point to the mouth...cause you know its called a [voice] box.....
those comments are making me giggle

¡ Squirrel Lover !

ok maybe its not called a voivce box
te he

a voice bubble


This concept has to have been done before, but I like it anyway.

Who am I kidding, you get a 5$ just for Esperanto and Zulu on there.

It'd be good to let us know what all the languages are, btw.


If you're trying to say hello in Hebrew, it's "shalom," not "sholem."


No gday? No gday??
Strewth mate......

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