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My ode to Threadless.

Watch this

the equals looks like :
maybe thin it out, otherwise Nice!

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

ohh i kinda like this, its like, subtle advertising.


Sorry, I don't pay money to advertise someone's busines for them. That's why Threadless is so good - they DON'T slap their name all over the product.


Yeah, every entry that has "threadless" blantantly incorporated into the design gets a zero from me. Try something original...

sam says rawrrrr

groundcontrol, i question that statement about its originality. honestly, how often do you see designs with the word 'threadless' on them? they arent really common. besides, with this design, people that dont know about threadless wouldnt even see the marketing aspect, thus its not quite so 'blatant'. as for cambert, is the fact that they dont put their name on everything in big bold print really why they are so good? i always thought it was because they printed great shirts and gave designers some exposure. huh.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I like it.. don't listen to them ^^^


"is the fact that they dont put their name on everything in big bold print really why they are so good? "

One of the reasons, yes. You're entitled to your opinion, of course Sam, but you could be a bit less snide about it.


kirsten: http://threadless.com/product/143/Threadless

And all you young'uns that think you know what you're talking about, what Threadless is all about and why it's so good (groundcontrol) should get off your misinformed high horses and look at the shirt for a second. This shirt is not only well designed but barely even recognizable as an advertisement for the site. The fact that not that many people would even recognize that it says Threadless and be able to connect it to this site makes it hard to see it as advertising. The concept is about less=more, blatantly. The execution of that is perfect and simple. This is a very good design and whether it gets printed or not, it shouldn't be because of ignorance like people saying "OMG LOLZZZ IT SAYS THREADLESS 00000!!!!!111!1"

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very very nice...but yes the equal sign does look like a colon!


strangely enough, I wouldn't buy any other shirt that says threadless on it but this one. very nice matthijs


ha, nice type and placement.


I like this, and I would wear it.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

i really like the typography.
its nice, but i wouldnt buy it.


i concur.


Nice enough concept, but the weak executeion isn't quite enough for me to want to buy it.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very nice type treatment. I like the font!


No Branding ever on anything. Not even cars!!!


I fucking love this and want it bad.
But I really doubt it will win the the JOT or ever get printed.
This makes me sad.

Shotgun Sinner

Nice, but I'm reminded of the Charman comercials...


Yeah I agree with bortwein. Corporate sponsorship is really powerful. It takes alot to..er...put words on a shirt. Keep fighting the power. O.

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