Where We Went Wrong

A new spin on an older shirt.

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good idea but you could have dran yourself the characters


Wow. I really like this.


bit of a jump from bow and arrow to shotgun. No sword?
and that guy seems to be missing a leg.
overall, nice design though.


Good idea and well executed. Doesn't need the text. Maybe replace the guy with the shotgun with a 18th century type soldier, or as LittleMan implied, something even earlier (knight in armor? gladiator?)

Sadly, (as a matter of principle) political shirts don't come off well on Threadless - just seems like the wrong venue to me. Threadless is too easy of a place to leverage ideology like this regardless of how many people may agree with you or not.


Get rid of "to war". Add in a knight or musketman or both. And I'll happily buy. Right now, a 4. I like the black on the white shirt like the design is shown as =\


not a fan of the text.. but everything else is coool


I hate seeing these evolution shirts with a chimp in them because it perpetuates that stupid idea that we evolved from chimps... we didn't, we share a common ancestor...
i'll get off of my soapbox now


I know that sacz, I'm a pro-evolution person myself, but this shirt is a pseudo-satire of the infamous evolution chart, so I kept it. I never liked the text myself, but I didn't know how well I got my point across without it. Looks like I did all right.


You need a middle man with no weapons, just the average human, then have it 'degrade' downward with the rifles and arrows and whatnot.
Without him, we can't say we ever degraded, because really we just elevated out level of expressed hostilities and such.
You know?
Point blank, without him, we never went wrong because we were always wrong.


mmm... thinking about it again i see your point,

i also like sushiful's suggestion


way to rip off another design


sushiful's got a great point, and i think that will help balance it out, you really don't need the text...


yeah, the text is completely unnecessary, and I'd swap in a musketteer or something for shotgun. like it though


The man with a spear is the height of man. he uses a tool for necessity, and he devolves when it is to serve his own purposes. And waitingroom, my freaking first post mentions this is from an older design, I acknowledged its from another design.


lose the words and make the back part of that third guy not so flat and i love it


I agree with what Storm is saying... there shouldn't be a human figure without th weapons and then 'deevolving' since the modern human, the regular human, has long been the warring human.

Homo sapians sapians likes its war.


omg! great design! i'd buy it def! $5


yeah i'd say thats a huge time leap from the bow to the shotgun...you need a sword or revolutionary musket in there or something


I think that the overall concept is great and I'd buy it in a heartbeat if some of the comments were enacted (lose the words, fix the shotgun guy, etc)


I like the text but I can't tell if the shirt is pro war or anti so I'd have a hard time wearing it not fully understanding the message.

M. Rogers

add an exclamation point ("to war!") or remove it. i for one am tired of the evolution of man image being turned into some obvious joke BUT this shirt is diggable. i like it. the image looks great in all of the color combos you offer, esp. red on yellow. could there be a white on green?


shirt is called "Where We Went Wrong" text is "To War". And the soldier is crouching, in the same position as the ape. A devolution if you will.


I'd also like to say I appreciate your comments and suggestions!


Great design! I agree that it doesn't need the text, actually, I'd like to see it with the title on there somewhere -- like the sleeve or ob back near the neck...



I like the idea, but it just seems like the characters could be done better. Maybe if there is more of a transition (you went from a bow and arrow to a swat looking guy) it would flow better. Redraw and I would buy it.


so very true


Keep with the ranged weaponry theme, I think. Swords are wonderful, but don't belong with thrown spear, arrows, and bullets.
I agree that perhaps you could find a minuteman with musket. That would be a more fitting balance between.
You don't really need the text, but it adds an extra stinging punch.
The idea is already out there with the figures. It depends on how scathing a commentary you want this to be, whether you leave the text or not.


i think the shotgun charachter needs to be replaced with something more medival, maybe a crossbow. other than that, this is probably the best thing i've seen on threadless. top notch. $5


I'd buy, but text les would be cool too, just because it doesnt make as much sense without the title


Looks very LiveTrace-d to me...

I dont get the second to last one with the shotgun...

Good concept.


i REALLY like this.
but because i have boobs... it would be hard for people to see the whole thing in its full effect.
like... the monkey thing would be too far on the side of my boob. same with the last guy with the gun.
i wouldnt buy. but im sure all my guy friends would. :)


Maybe a crossbow instead of the shotgun? Or a longboy?


cool concept but the words just don't fit. you could have it at the bottom of the shirt. the second last guy DOES look like he's missing a leg.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

bit cliche to be honest.


I love this. I love how the soldier is crouching, suggesting warfare = regression/backwards.

I agree with all the talk of changing the second to last guy. Swordsman! Knights of the Round, Crusades that sort of thing. That, and the words. They are unnecessary, the composition and images say enough.

With changes: -$5-


Stormstar1 said: "A new spin on an older shirt. "

A new spin, maybe, but that doesn't mean this tired idea needs to be used yet again. The "evolution of man" joke has been used, and is old, and needs to be put to bed. This shirt is very creative, I'm not saying it's not. It's just a shame you couldn't go back in time to when this idea was new and make your shirt then.


Hmm is the last soldier taken from Banksy or simply looks a lot like it? Otherwise its cool, but not for me.


Text is unnecessary and, yes, lacks a sword or something - BIG time leap. Otherwise, interesting. :)


Very Nice. Make it smaller

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