What a Story

  • by JanDeux
  • posted Feb 17, 2006

What a Day!

Watch this


I love the streaking censor, but. 5 colors? :[ Black, brown, and the three in the censoring. Still a cool design, though.


no, i think the little guy is high. the register before looks like a bong, and the register following shows the high wearing off. i know because this little dog might as well be a little me.


I want to cut out the little pictures and make a flip book.



I'd like it more if it didn't apologize.


looks to me like he's picking up a brew and after the buzz is gone, hurls his guts... would be perfect without the apology at the end, don't need it


plans, I only count 5 colors, unless theress something Im missing?...
pink, blue, yellow, brown, black.


but its still over the 4 color limit anyways :|

Tuxedo Oni

Downtown with a frown. Critical Damage -5, style is not consistent which ruins the whole tone of the design.

timrb profile pic Alumni

some people might be counting white


It's five colours on white: yellow, pale blue, pink, black and brown (for the turd).


It looks like beer to me, and the doggy is drunk and then throwing up. The only problem is after the throwing up, he should be sleeping instead of apologizing.


haha i was cracking up!!!!!! i <3 it!!!! but i was kinda confused at first i couldnt tell that there was a bottle there


pretty unoriginal idea and not terribly good execution.


um, peeps, the dog is eating poo. what is wrong with you all? he is not a drunk doggie with a bottle of beer, he is a dog that binges and purges on POO.

¡ Squirrel Lover !

i thought it was a kitty actually
or a coon

kitty/coon/dog i guess- ran, pooed, ran some more, got high (or drunk), danced, got kinda tired of dancing but couldnt stop, got a sick feeling in his belly, threw up, and then ran some more [as he appologized for the story, which would have been better without the 'sorry' anyway]

....and captain obvious strikes again

$3.5 (too bad that doesnt exist...i will round it up for you) $4


It's cute. I'd like it better without the speech bubble- it doesn't really have the same feel as the rest of the illustration.


Heh heh heh funny. Me likes.


actually, i'm quite fond of the apology.


don't apologize.... the story is fine...
no words and only black, may be + brown... minimalism should be the key here, i think... otherwise great...

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