He just stole my heart

  • by mikemills
  • posted Feb 16, 2006

Cute! Sick! 5$

Watch this

this is nice, if it was from a five year old, and they were asking you to hang it on the fridge.

this is rediculous


Very cute shirt and I like it on the peach.


bloody brilliant!


I dont like vampires. They seem kinda lame to me.

lizzel levesque

Dear Threadless,
The community that was created here kills my buzz. I'm sorry nasty art school snobs are drawn to your site like flies to a corpse....that's also cuz
the negativity, though fewer than the positive, always seem to stick out.
How about some constructive crits?
I like it. I'd like it more if it wasn't centered, but if you choose to print it you guys can always mess with the placement anyhow.
I'd also be more likely to wear it if it was printed on a grey or dark dark red, or white even, but that's cuz I don't like pastels as a general rule.
Tah tah!
Good luck Jess!


i think i'd like it on red, too. this is great!


No way, this is awesome. That vampire is way cute! I don't think little kids would draw a human heart in the hands of a vampire. 5$ from me.


oh, and I like the pink that's in the background the best. :)


i like it
specialy cause i just read an awesome book about a vampire.
twilight anybody?


God people are rude for no freaking reason. Way to make the world a better place. Ignore them. This is really freaking cute. I'd buy it. I almost want the placement to one side or bottom to one side though because it's so long, but other then that it's super cute. I think on blue it looks best or like someone said, that lighter pink in the bg of the main.


Nice! This would have been perfect for Valentines Day. Well, I think so, anyway.

by the way, mandylopez03, you spell it like this:


make a note of it! Thanks!

M. Rogers

the heart is bleeding other hearts?

the illo is nicely done--nice gesture to the figure and all. but the heart thing becomes a bit cliche after a while (sorry, army of cute fans). i just think that, besdies the cool vampire, this shirt isn't doing anything interesting. to be constructive, i'd recommend featuring just the vampire, or maybe holding the heart w/out the heart-shaped pool of blood. i think it's unnecessary and a bit of overkill. the vamp is great, and i'd be curious to see your take on Frankenstein (et al).


agreed ^^^ I love the cute little vampire, and even holding the human heart, you can even have it dripping if you want to, but the heart shaped pool of blood just kills it for me. i cannot condone two hearts on one shirt, it is definitely over "kill" if you get my drift.


rude comments = stupid & not helpful
this is really cute. i like the style.


so cute!

mad cat

Keep up the good work!
I like that he looks so sweet and innocent but he is really a blood sucking fiend!!!


ps- M Rogers: Check out some of her other submissions.


this is great! i like the center placement bc the one that are at the bootom or askew look weird when worn.

love the pink! please have guys sizes in pink for this!!


That is the cutest vampire ever. o_o<3


This is definitely cute. However, I'm not as sure about the placement. Would you consider a bottom corner?


That is, by far, the cutest vampire I have ever seen.


i like the style of the illustration for the most part. the heart shaped puddle and blood coming from the anatomical heart bug me. i would only consider buying it if they were removed. i like it best on the grayish color at top left or the peachy background color.


hahah that's pretty funny


is that a pocket or does his cape have a poop flap? I guess it's most likely the former, though fingers crossed for the latter


Please, if you have this printed somewhere else, let me know!!!

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