"For maximum purity of tone, one must keep ones reed wet at all times..."

-Ruttiger G. Crestwood

Watch this

no one would wear this..well maybe a 40 year old guy, that didnt have a clue about what to tell his children about sex and still used teh term "birds& bees"


I laughed out loud but I would wear it


i would wear this like every day.



an intimate portrayal

nice.. but its not really a new concept..

i would wear it if i played sax. but i play trombone and thus am an enemy. well.. good luck!

Ysabrylla Noakes

Being a band geek I laughed pretty hard at this and then sent a link to all my saxophone playing friends :)

Unfortunatly my mom would never let me buy it and I'd feel weird wearing it because people would look at me like I'm some kind of sexually active band nerd stereotype but I think it's pretty awesome.


hahaha~ 5bucks


ahhh, old band joke. the sad thing is the only people i know who ever reference this comment are creepy saxophone players - the kind where i'd feel a lot safer if they weren't even THINKING about such things. and plus, as a horn player, i am a sworn enemy of saxophones since they have a knack for stealing horn parts when music is transcribed from orchestra to band. (an intimate portrayal might understand the whole enemy status thing!) so to me the shirt is kitschy and, well, unpleasant because of its connotations. no offense.


Nothing is better than sax with a double reed.

Oh wow, I didn't type that. Where is the delete key!?!?!!

I like this, but not for a shirt.

the contorted ram

HAHAHAHA id wear that. the colours look awesome


eh, not that cool. i like my friend's sax joke better:

"practice safe sax, wear a neckstrap" haha.....


take away the font, just have the sax and the condom. and it'd be a $5


omg. amazzzzzing.


funny but not something I'd wear


I wouldn't wear it. for some reason made me think of something enid (ghost world) would have.


I actually laughed at this.

I play the alto sax, and I owuld TOTALLY wear thsi shirt!!



At a band review I went to, a friend bought a button that said, "Practice safe sax - wear a neckstrap."


Sure. $4


eh its been done


funny, but the jaggered bubble thing doesnt really scream saxophone muzak, its more like '10% off'


Haha, the sexually active band geeks everywhere would like that. The colors are a little garish for me though.


oh goodness, how hilarious.


i'd like it more without the lettering.. It's obvious.


I'm so glad that I'm a band geek.

Please... PLEASE print this. So I can buy it for all of my sax-playing friends. Please.

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