Ironic Slogan

  • by cambert
  • posted Feb 09, 2006

Smart-ass comment. Low vote.

Watch this
Robsoul profile pic Alumni

smart ass comment with a smart underlying meaning.

Isn't this what almost every t-shirt company tries to achieve... go to urban outfitters or Target or where ever you shop for your tees (besides threadless) and this is the formula they all use.

it's a good statement, well done,,, I actually like the retro image with the "retro image" type!!! I think that maybe the "ironic slogan" is too in your face for the threadless crowd, even me, but the car alone with the "retro image" type would definitely fly. I'd buy it with that change.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

An ironic image that knows it's ironic. How ironic. Sure it's smart ass, and that's why it works and why it'd look great printed. Besides, the illustration is flawless and works with the idea very well. Well done!


can you guys tell me what "smart ass comment" means - I'm french so I don't underdtand. But I like the "ironic" aspect ...

please help me to understand this world ;)

mikemills profile pic Alumni

This shirt would get so many laughs around here. Probably too smart for its own good... 5$


*Distressing of the Design is also a key ingredient to a trendy shirt.

I like this. well done.


to redstar,

smart ass = smart aleck
smart ass = know-it-all
smart ass = wisenheimer
smart ass = An impudent or obnoxiously self-assertive individual

Your profile page says you're German.
Have you changed citizenship ?


I think it's neat that from a distance
the muscle car on an orange shirt
tends to make viewers think of
Dukes of Hazzard while up
close the viewer will see the
formula used for many shirts
in a graphic format ( including
the design being distressed ).

Thus the message has more impact
with it being misinterpreted
from a distance and the viewer
finally understanding it when closer.


kinda funny idea, but maybe trying a little to hard to out-ironic everyone else. and hood scoops open in the front. flames on the side usually face backward, too, as if the car were moving forward. but maybe i just don't get how ironic all the mistakes are.

The Captain of Awesome

I would wear this. I like how it's on the same color as all those shirts too.


This actually already exists, but with CRAP SLOGAN underneath the car.


iu would buy this in a minute if a wasnt a poor little weasle of an 15 year old.


JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

This is fucking great!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

This is gold. A great return to the subs from Mr Leino. Nothing but class, and of course, a $ and a 5!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

artbuyer... hood scoops open on the front... bone up on your american muscle cars my friend, take it from a transportation design major student... your way off. As for the design i like it except for the text at the bottom... as robsoul sed. Oh and not just because its text, but because its too long for the drawing, the lettering is spaced to far appart, bring each letter closer together and we might have a good design.

chaka bear

perfect. some things others said arent big deals and they need to chill.


what's on the car is called a cowl

try : " hood " and " cowl " in a
google Images search


The anti-shirt the world so desperately needs.


loos the "ironic slogan" and I'd give it a $5


(plus...I don't like the font...if the font was more like the trendy fonts...then the text could stay)


As someone who works with type-setting on a daily basis, the only thing that sticks out to me is that "Retro Image" on the car seems to read opposite the car's direction. Traditionally with sheared lettering the forward slant gives a sense of motion and on the car it faces opposite the car's direction. Yes, this is trivial but in the end I really don't care because this design is intellegent and well done. $5.


no matter what anyone says this is amazing



Love it! I'm sick and tired of companies creating ironic slogans on retro stylie tshirts so this is a great idea! Spiggin genius! $5


wouldn't wear it but it's funny.. 4


The shirt is just as much as an "ironic slogan" as it tries to satirize. Meh. I don't find it to be overly witty.


i dig the idea and no I won't be one of those losers that searchs the internet for something similar to this so i can spray pretentious all over this site


It's great, but too over the top for my tastes. 3


That's bizarre. Two weeks ago in my office I scribbled out a t-shirt with a hand-drawn 3D block font in 3/4 view of the stacked words "RETRO OBJECT" (such that it looked like an object) with the text "NOSTALGIC MESSAGE" around it, and a few additional versions with the text in other locations. It didn't seem like it would have to be just right for it to read quickly enough to not be too annoying in and of itself. Now that I see a real version of the idea, I'm kinda meh on the subject, too. I'll give it (and by extension, me) a 4 for 'cleverness.' ;)


I meant "it DID seem like it would have to be just right..."


wow, so original. cause, you know, i havent seen enough buttons on peoples bookbags that read "GENERIC PUNK PIN" and the like. not funny, or witty. its been done. 0.


I'd love it there was another title underneath it all, saying " ironic take on hot fashion item" or something along those lines. Irony on top of irony. Yeah!


Love the idea, but wouldn't wear it.


What's peoples sudden fascination with orange?


You're my hero.


The text is all wrong. Why is it wider than the design? This will make the hips on the wearer more evident, and well... Fat.


I like the car.

Ditch the words though.


Mmmm... yes, I think so. 5 just the way it is.


Nice idea but overall performance is a bit lacking...

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Oh no, I must have plagiarized... myself? Haha. Seriously though, LT picked up the design after Threadless passed on it. Thanks for noticing!

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