The Steaks Were High

  • by agent44
  • posted Feb 08, 2006

Two little steaks on a grand adventure in the clouds.

Watch this
retro kev

he he simple but still awesome

you get my vote

Count Mockula

you do so much better work than this Jake, what the crap is this!?! Where's the crimson monkeys and giant apes!?! You're gone forever and then come back with this!?! I want monkeys Jake, not terrible puns.

emilio lorente

funny!!!!!, but i,m not vegan, sorry.
i like your submissions


my friend and i love this design! the faces on the steaks make this shirt awesome.


i like the pointing steak - it'c cute. I don't know if would where this t-shirt though...

Papernails of the very rare shirts that I would actually wear. Good choice in colors and design. I even like how they resemble Gumby, a meat Gumby.

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

without the title people wouldnt know what the fuck is going on.


no, i like the fact that the title is not written, that's the whole reason the shirt is cool. because it makes you think... "okay... steaks... way up high..." haha i really like it.


this shirt rocks
i really hope it gets printed.


honestly, i would like it SO MUCH better if those two adorable steaks were smoking the reefer... that would be a punny shirt. this just doesn't do it for me... :-(


Teehee. This shirt makes me giggle.


there is absolutely nothing better than a great pun. fantastic design!


i think you should have the title in tiny print in the lower right of the picture. that way if people were paying enough attention to wonder what the heck was going on with your shirt, they would read the title and go "ohhh...hahahah i get it"

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

nice and simple

jublin profile pic Alumni

this is great. i would love to eat one of those little steaks. i would tear it to pieces.

great job man. i desperately wish i could wear your other shirt, but it's retired. :(


not sure if i'd buy it, but a 5 for sure. funny


hahaha love the play on stakes :P
although im veg hehe


i totally agree with carrifaery, at 7:27pm on Feb 15, 2006
"honestly, i would like it SO MUCH better if those two adorable steaks were smoking the reefer... that would be a punny shirt. this just doesn't do it for me... :-("
some cannabis-influenced steaks would be much more visual. i probably wouldn't buy either though, so never mind.



grrrrrrrrrrrreat 5

agent44 profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys for the response. Your thoughts and crits are much appreciated.

The first incarnation of this idea was two steaks sitting on a couch smoking pot, but I thought it seemed sophomoric and trite. So I went with something a little more obscure, but I think has a better pay off.

And putting in the title would not only clutter the design, but would mock the intelligence of the viewer.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

This is a really nice illustration and you got great style. However, I think that this won't make a shirt because it is 'only' 2 steaks on a cloud. But seen from your style you could definately come up with something spectacular so keep it coming!


hahaha i love this


The illustration is adorable but the pun makes me cringe a little.

Chuck Yeager

Hope it gets meade!

I'd wear that shirt on my next test flight!!!!


first laugh after a whole lot of CRAP!
Nice one


Very nice.

Threadless shirts are supposed to be like this. This is why I shop here.


I love this! Not a big fan of black shirts though. Maybe on a lighter shade of blue? 5 and 5$ if you change the shirt colour.


This is the awesomest! I didn't even see the title but I thought it was great. $5


Suddenly I just want to eat steak! :P
Except I'm not sure about the T-shirt color. . . but still 5$ !


wish it was a touch bigger on the Tshirt.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's cute....but lacking something more.

owen skyser-gray

the steak on the right looks so doofy. i might say he were the lovable oaf of the steak world.
i just don't know if enough people would get it if i adhered this shirt to my chest plate and walked around in society with it on.


This is great. I would buy this in a moment and it wouldn't be a mis-steak!

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