Punk's not dead


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punk's not dead...it's just stupid.
i joke. no i don't.
anyhow, i really , realy like the image, but i think the text needs to be less scripty and more "punky" as well as not so small and centered underneath the image, I'm thinking it should span the whole bottom of it.


Its a really good illustration but i don't think you need the text at all.


Punk's not dead, it just smells that way.

Well drawn, agree about the text. The one on the right looks much more like a skinhead. Different things.


I agree, bolder font. & they don't look like goth boots at all, Hello Doctor Marten! It reminds me of the 80's British comedy, The Young Ones.


agreed with captain of awesome. punk is not a fashion statement, and if it is, then it never existed in the first place.


I like it, but without the text.


Sure, punk's not dead. It's just the entire spirit behind punk that's deceased.

Anyway, the image is nice, but I think there's too much of just the red and white. I'd like it better if there were other shades of red and/or other colors to help distinguish between things. I don't think the font style is really appropriate, either. But overall, good job.

M. Rogers

no, no: it's definitely dead. thank god. i'm afraid i agree that the font choice seems inappropriate--maybe that collage-y kind of kidnapper lettering that screams "spirit of '76" would work better ( do you know what that means?). or gothic script, or "old english" letters. but the fancy cursive makes it seem like an invitation to Punk's funeral.


The font could be a lot better, but it isn't cursive Roger. That actually is a Gothic type of font, but you shouldn't need text on a shirt to tell you it is punk.

It doesn't look that punk to me at all. Punk music these days IS DEAD in the mainstream world, but old punkers aren't!! True punkers don't need to tell others that they aren't dead, us true punks already know that.



In the words of Jello Biafra, "Punks not dead, it just deserves to die."

T-shirts like this make that quote possible.

Nice image, kill the text, and stop trying to be "OMFG SO PUNK RAWK."



the text didn't fit


its always been pretty dead 2 me and in the way of it becoming a fashion thing... i just really hate it.

chaka bear

the guy on the right looks like santa


First off, yes those are deffinitly "Oi" punk army boots. But my main reason for being here is to make sure you know Punk died in the early 90s, you idiots in your oi boots and exploited shirts, that look like this one, go figure, should just crawl into your little holes and stop whining that your part of a fad that is long dead. Sorry you had to read that.


Heh, I have some SHARP friends who would love this.


since when do boots signify punk?
if so are construction workers punk?


i think it works without the words then ppl can take the design any way they want... maybe throw in a pair of different sort of punkish shoes or non-punk shoes... ?


perhaps there should be top halves wearing business attire... in a waiting room?




captain of awesome said it best... " If you wear a shirt like this, you help kill whats left of Punk."
i can't see one thing about this shirt that i like. sorry.


Yeah, no text on a shirt like this. Text is bad.


real punk is, but this is still a 4 without the text.


when i first saw this i was like "whoa thats so cool" cuz i thought it was like lumberjack woodsmen in their hick plaid and work boots, and it really amused me. now im disappointed its not a joke:(

Kurticus Maximus

Wow. Enough with the "punk is dead" debate. If you still listen to the music, then it's not dead. If you don't listen to it, then why do you care?

Also, enough with the "that's not punk" debate. People debate too much about genres. Those sure look like the legs of people I'd see at a Rancid show though.

Nice design. Maybe nix the text. I like it.


I like the drawing. Why bother with the text? Cooler without it.

Punk is undead. Forever!!!


i don't think you need the text


I dont really see those as punk either. They feet on the right look like they may be santa's. Also, why is the quote needed? The illustration doesn't show that Punk is Alive, either. I'm just wondering on the corelation between the wro.


being alive is way to hardcore so i think it should die and never come back


lose the text and ill buy it in a heartbeat.


ps. i would have liked the one of the legs with fishnets on to be entangled with one of the other peoples legs.


kelly green and white image on black shirt


Punk died the moment Ashlee Simpson wore a t-shirt with "Punk" in cursive slittery letters in her video. I think Punk died of anaphylactic shock. i like what this looks like though, ditch the text and its a $5...


I quite like the text, but if it was slightly bigger and moved to the right. Definitely don't change the text to any form of "ransom note" or newspaper cut out, because that will add to the cliche 10x over.

I'm not too sure about the image though. I think it needs some different shoes.




Punks not dead unless all those who believe in the whole "punk idea" are...and obviously, with this shirt as an example, their are still people out there...so punks not dead...

But the discussion is not about whether punk is dead or not, people, its about the shirt. Overall, very good job...the concept is good. I agree about the text, though. It should be different. More punk-ish, if you know what I mean. But great job anyways. I would buy this shirt.

And people: don't hate the shirt because you hate punks. No ones making you promote the punk scene, you know.


aree with shecantdance....I love how everyone makes this about their personal insight on the statement when really no gives a flying squirell about it. DISCUSS THE SHIRT DESIGN PEOPLE AND GET OVER YOURSLEVES>>>>>PLEASE.
-i do thank god that this site isn't just for emo loving pastel loving nancy's. so i'd buy this shirt just to support somthing different on this site.


this would be actually even more aweosme if one of the peole were slipping some whiskey into a coffee mug!!!
but still aamzing!


ditch the text


It looks like the Ronald McDonalds anonymous meeting.


i agree with The Captain Of Awesome. "If you wear a shirt like this, you help kill whats left of Punk." oh, and i agree with dylboteque. and Cerebratious.


to reiterate, punk is dead, and this seems pretty hottopic-y

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