bother nature

great illustration. i like it

Watch this

That's pretty rad. Solid 4.


I love it.


this is so sick and sad.. you've definitely made your point.


Amazing without the hand and gas nozzle.


Wow, very cool. I'd totally buy it if you took out the gas pump. So, 4 for now, $5 without the gaspump.


without the gaspump, would anybody recognize the oil?


The plant doesn't look
like it's in the pot.
It looks like its
coming from
behind the

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I'd like to see it on a bit lighter of a color. The black and brown kind of hurts my eyes.


I think without the gas nozzle and the and the concept is more difficult to understand. Anyway it's clear that color change may happen if needed !


Hey mista medgi^^
fine fine works, good concept.
cool colors. so...
for sure a "+5"

<mode relou détails >ON
par contre j'ai juste une petite remarque, je dirais presque le meme truc que helo, mais je rajouterais que la "tige" n'est pas assez epaisse pour supporter le poids/touffe du haut ;) mais bon voilà là j'étais en mode relou détails :)
<mode relou détails >OFF


5! nice work

the gas nozzle in hand is def needed, however the detail and realism used in the hand and gas nozzle doesnt match up to that used in the skull tree which may have been the reason why landso and ground control didnt like it


I may change some things to the tree to make it more realistic ?


no the tree is fine but the outline of the pot goes over the tree stem so it looks like its growing behind the pot, you just need 2 add a black line that goes over the outline and it will be fine.


i love the concept
i love the design
i love the whole damn shirt

altho the shirt color could be a bit lighter perhaps.
but $5, none the less


i agree, the plant doesn't look like it's coming from the pot


Absolutely brilliant.

The use of four colors is excellent.
The face hidden in the bushes is genius.

I do think that the plant needs to overlap the rim of the pot though.



de la boulette Medgi ...encore du bon taf

good job man ! 5$


It's actually kind of scary. 5


I like this... do you design for clothing companies?
IM me if you do... aim:

benny breaks

ditch the hand, gas nozzle, pot, drips, tree and skull and you've got a winner!


yeahhhhh medgi il pete ^^


Would be so much better sans nozzle.


sooo great. maybe a little bigger/different placement?
anyway, high five.


Great concept, great drawing. I would buy for sure. Just I feel the color drowns out the image a little too much.



Thanks for all your comments :)

Skeemey Mc Skeem

this is nice work, i would wear for sure...

plus petrol prices are so high these days, its literally killing me!

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