Heart Sucker

How did you think of this....

Watch this

love the line quality, but I don't think there's enough detail to indicate that it's a heart the bird is poking at. Perhaps a bit of tweeking is in order.


gte ready for the "omg hearts are so way overdone" brigade.


omg hearts are way overdone!!!! OMGROTFL1111!!!



"omg hearts are so way overdone"

This is actually one of the better heart shirts but the heart needs to have more detail (hard to tell its a heart at first)... 4$


I like this better than the other heart designs...


i think the way you've done it makes it slightly more original.

i also adore the black. 5$


yes yes yes.
bad heart designs overdone.
this stuff is rare and i like it.
but more detail on the heart pweeze.
<33 $5


Those of us in the "hearts are way overdone" brigade are objecting to the absence of originality, not the presence of hearts. Original thinkers tend to recognise that without being told.

This design has real creative thought about it, and looks much stronger in red on black. Not my kind of thing but a big improvement on many of the heart subs.


Why do you defile the cuteness of hummingbirds? ='(


Great idea.
Don't love it though...what I suggest doing is getting rid of the splatter (which looks stupid) and make it look like the heart is filled with blood and being sucked out. Kind of like a heart shaped glass filled with a nice, blood smoothy.



looked like a pair of briefs at first glance


i agree with stereophonic and cambert, i love the shirt and would buy it in a second, i wouldnt change one thing on it


This must be printed. I would totally by it.


love it in black


its very nice but I think people should give the hearts a rest.


I always knew hummingbirds were vampires. =| Always.



it looks so profound in black.
this is absolutely gorgeous!


i thought 'why is that bird carrying dirty undies?'


Yea I definately did do a heart..... and now I realize maybe it is kinda played out on here....hmmmm I guess it's kinda good that some people see it as a pair of "dirty undies" ha ha ha ah Sorry first timer to the submissions on this thing. I'll get some better non-played out ideas :)


i think it's a great idea. But i would be it up higher and stick over the side of shirt that's ove your heart. Just to be cute.




Yea I was thinking about putting it over the side where the heart is but for some reason it looked really weird and to unbalanced. It was a lot of negative space to work with. I could have scaled it maybe a little smaller and tried it but i liked the idea of a larger graphic.. :'(


idea is nice...but it took awhile for me to figure out that was a heart...


keep it in black... cool idea... just make it more obvious that it's a heart



more detail on the heart and more blood. great shirt though. w/ suggestions, 5.


Thanks for all the suggestions :)


It doesn't seem like a heart. I think it needs more detail on it.


I agree with the above, not immediately obvious it is a heart - but atleast that makes the heart a little more abstract... so in the long run that has probably worked in your favour.


I know the heart is hard to discern, but I kinda meant to do that. I was thinking just trying to make it really simplified. I guess I might have taken to much out of the detail. Your right though it does kinda work , the way I see it, It's a piece that takes some time to see and as a result it should make for some great convos. Something like, "Holy shit is that a pair of underwear!"


Love the drawing style, but I didn't realise it was a heart at first (thought it was dirty underwear!) - bit more detail and it's perfect

$5 without extra detail, I'd buy it with


I love the red on black, but it would suit me better without the blood. The style of the bird and heart seems... flowing and almost peaceful, and the splatter contrasts with that (although I see how you were going for something not as peaceful).

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