Tunnel of RUN!!

I love how the design is small and understated.

Watch this

i never understood why the eyes glowed in pics like this. doesn't that mean there are holes going through the head?



It looks like a (stupid) rat creature! Bone!! Man, I want this so much because of that. Print it just for me. :)


it might be interesting to have the window placed around the area where your heart is?


Needs to be 2 times bigger. Too small to see unless you're right up in the person's personal space.



i get what you're doing. well conceived. won't work here, but, good thought!


This image reminds me of all the things that terrified me as a child. So, naturally, I love it.


Could be bigger, but I love it just the way it is, too. $5


The eyes are good because nocturnal animals' eyes do "glow". Which is good and creepy.

pitbull love

no it doesn't mean there are holes in his head.
they're glowing by reflecting the moonlight, like a cat.
or any animal.


I LOVE it. Do NOT make it bigger, it's perfect.


I really like this for some reason. Also, it's awesome because it's tiny, no making it bigger.

katelyn kaybee

LOVE! i love the simplicity and the way it's on the black . You could change the eyes a little so it looks a little mor realistic to match the detailed outline used but otherwise fabulous.


This needs to be much bigger and offset, maybe in the corner of the shirt.


Stupid, stupid rat creatures!


it doesn;t have a hole in the head so muchas it probably has CORNEAS.


I'm no expert on nightmare anatomy, but its eyes seem really skewed vs. the plane of the face: off-center, and one much lower than the other.

I like the small size.


it's way too small, I like the fur but it's just a little too simple


I think it would be pretty cool on the back, maybe to one side...i likey though


i like this a lot a lot. 4$
the idea of it being over the heart sounds really good. that would giveit a 5.


its just supposed to let your imagination tell you what it is. That is why the eyes aren't "prerfect".

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