Potatoes poop French Fries

clever, but could get some work on his face. and wouldn't they be curly fries instead?

Watch this

the idea is good but the illustration needs works the fires dont look 3d. choose a direction of light and fill in the dark sides of the pommes with the outline colour you used


hahahahha yes! curly fries!


I'd love this shirt, but yeah a bit more detail. I like the idea enough that I'd probably still get it like this anyway. It's obvious what it is.


snowmen poop icecream


I agree with some of the other comments. Maybe make one side of the fry a darker color to give it some depth and maybe a slight shadow on the potato along with a few of those potato 'bumps'. I like the idea though.


i'd love it more if the potato pooped curly fries or even tater tots.


great idea, with a little change...like the curly fries would be a $5, I give it a $4


i think the potato looks like a pickle


that's kinda...gross..


Tots would be better.

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I figure they'd poop mashed potatoes and pee gravy.


...original idea, though i'll never eat french fries again. =P


omg hahahaha.

i have a friend who would say this exact thing...that'd be awesome to buy the shirt for him....IF it had the text on it. i know people hate hate hate text, and i'm going to hell for even suggesting it, but i think it'd be funny in this case.

just my opinion.


i could neither tell it was a potato, nor that those were french fries.

i like the idea, though.


So disturbing, but yet so amazingly amusing. I wouldn't really see myself wearing this shirt, but I could definitley buy this as a gift for a friend. HA. For some reason the potatoe's legs and arms bug me though.


made me rofl


this has more business in flash than on a shirt


that is gross and awesome all at the same time! PURE GOLD

NW Fast

I get it...


all of you who said you couldnt tell it was a potato and said it was a pickle, or that you couldnt tell they were french fries must be fucking retarded or something, i mean come on how hard is it to use your brain... idoits. By the way the idea is genius, most of you could only wish to come up with something as original as this.


^ Woah, harsh...

Well, for me it's a tad bit too disgusting when I think about it. I like that it's a unique concept and design though. Good job.


friggin hilarious. i luv how the potato has so much pain on his face. this is definateky being printed. 5.


mmmm yummy it looks so appetizing...


I love the suggestions others gave. if you did some of what they suggested, I'd give it a 5 and I'd buy it :)


I don't want any excrement on my t-shirts... even if the excrement is really french fries.



made me laugh, but poor illustration

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You will lose the concept if you use curly fries. Not everyone is a fat American you know, threadless ship world wide.


Funny...very funny...needs some work on the design. More depth and curly fries as suggested would be great


hooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit!!!!!!!!

Evil Doodle

After a night of heavy drinking , it would certainly be curly fries.
Don't think I would wear it, but it's col.


Thats a lot of fries for one little potato.


AHAHAHAHA! OMG OMG. oh! make them curly and i'll worship you!!

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make them curly and barely anyone will get it visually. Haven't you ever heard "Keep it simple, stupid".

The only reason youre all saying MAKE THEM CURLY FRIES like idiots is because the concept was so well done in the first place.


Thank you bananaphone, i do believe if i change them to curly fries then the concept itself will be overlooked, and it will take longer to understand whats going on. besides regular french fries are the most original, basic fry coming straight from a potatoe haha.


GMO ahaha, that's hilarious. <3 definitely 5.


HAHHA ├ža m'a fait beau coup rire (in french in da text) 5$

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