The Upper Hand

  • by staffell
  • posted Jan 28, 2006

looks glennzy too!

Watch this
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I was almost 100% sure it was a glennz piece. Still couls be though..he has submitted under different name before.


Big too large bit smaller off center but a ace design


I love the idea of this! but i think it should be smaller, and either off center of higher


I thought he was a Star Trek char when I first saw this... dunno why now that I look harder... but yeah.


I also thought it was Glennz. The monochromatic look of the trojan seahorse and jenga submissions.

The shirt could use some shading.


I love it. 5$, definately would buy it. I applaud you.

Agent _retro

Another faceless person...

Avid Fuser

reminds me of the alternate ending of watcher in the woods


Hee! This appeals to my inner evolutionist ^_^


the colors arnet working for me but the idea is kickin, animal over human


so is it supposed to be an ant's "hand" holding the jar?

i guess i'm the only one who isn't sure exactly what animal that is supposed to be.

cuz i'm dumb.

Thom Finn

Now that I take a second look at, the design is way too large. If this were to be printed, I would definitely shrink the design down.

Thanks for the feedback.


I'm almost positive I've seen that person vectorization in that pose before on another website. D:

pitbull love

it's a cockroach's hand i believe.
and this shirt just creeps me out way too much.

good work.


when i first looked at the bug... i thought praying mantis

anyway... welldone... kickarse idea
5... it's a maybe buy


i like it but i'd like to see maybe an expression on his face...other than that its all good

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