RAM: Father of Evil

  • by yleg
  • posted Jan 21, 2006
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Satanic much? This shirt is a little heavy for me even though the design looks super thin. Why only color the two yellow bolts?? I dunno, just doesn't seem like a threadless design.



Satanic much?

^^I agree. And what does that stupid goat have to do with the shirt design?! :O


hey i like tge goat guy, but this isnt my style. i like the art, just not for a shirt


i'm not sure i understand any of it really, but i love some of your designs (robot boy especially). it seems like you are writing something very interesting! hope that works out (and you get it all on your website or published someday), of course.. this is a bit of a longshot for a tee though.

again, really liking your art, it just doesn't seem like you're looking for t-shirt design feedback. you could probably sell these as printwork though, like at cafepress.com or the like.


...I would consider it a 'flourish', more of a logo for this particular character (that’s what the design has to do with the ram…it’s a framing device, a holding element). As far as the yellow ‘accents’ they are points of interest and they add dimension (as one is not a complete circle and is covered by a horn)

I've actually made a pretty good business printing t-shirts myself, but for fun I thought I'd submit a couple designs to threadless.

If you look at the types of shirts threadless sells, they could use a bit of diversity in their catalogue...

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