Trippin' on Shrooms

I find this far funnier than anyone should.

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A great idea that needs better execution.

Although I love how one of the man's lines doesn't connect right, haha.


funny visual on word play, but prob won't win this contest.


ha ha ha. it made me laugh but the design is awful.


You get 1 point for the joke, and nothing for the graphics.


I'm going to agree with the others in that this is a funny idea but the graphic could use some improvement. I like the little mushrooms though. Perhaps if the man was made with a similar style it would come together more?


Hahaha, yeah this baby was a quick sketch of mine, any ideas of improvement? Perhaps a detailed drawing of a man in a suit would prove to be a more sophisticated form of high comedy.


Some feedback on how to specifically improve it would go great with the criticism, thanks!


you don't have to put him in a suit -- just draw him well, not as a stick figure.


maybe take it a little off center, but i love this

no one impotant

i heart this shirt.
this is so funny i actually started crying.



I was like "whaaaaaa..oh! hahahahaaaaa"

wow I'm dumb.
I like it.


I actually like the stick figure idea but he still looks kind of awkward. Plus I love his facial expression! XD Nice work, $4.


Very funny, though I think "Trippin' on shrooms" should be printed somewhere on the shirt. I was confused until I read the name of the submission. Then I laughed a lot :)


Funny, but the design is a bit too simple.


agreed with the second comment.

nice idea, poor execution.


hmn i luv the mushrooms and the idea but i think you should work on the guy...not necessarily make him more 'sophisticated', just less square, more round like the shrooms. 5 as is just cuz of the idea.


PS i would also try different shirt colors, meybe green or red or purple or..something else.


yes, good idea, but stick figures? I wouldn't doubt people draw this exact design on a white undershirt now.

Squashy Dog Mess

yeah, no one likes the stick figures....i mean, i do, but i also enjoy watching ants walk in circles with no purpose in their life. it makes me feel big. but like dude, i so want a shirt that says im tripping on mushrooms. id buy it like times ten, but i guess ima hafta to agree, stickfigures are not tripping material. i like the mushrooms though.


Well, I'm not sure if I am allowed to improve and resubmit, maybe that is taboo. What I really want to know is what kind of style of person would look best, it it is not stick figure. Preferably something simple, though you be the judge. Thanks again for all the input.


i laughed out loud.. i was thinking some one will be tripping on a mushroom. .but this visual was way better than the one in my mind..



1 for the idea; better execution, did you do this on paint?


wouldnt buy it, but its great!
no black.........ehhh..


"..more sophisticated for of high comedy"

..giggle. Pun.


Just throwing this out here, what would you guys think of Mario tripping over the mushroom. Is that too commercialized?


mmm... mario would be interesting to have instead of the stick figure. you'd probably have to change the shape of the mushroom to something like the posin mushrooms or something.


i might even get this for a good friend...


No, it totally works. I love the part that's he's an evolved stick figure-it symbolizes the unformed nature of the young person coming of age, they are not yet a full person, the shroom symbolizes one of the many obstacles in the path to self knowledge, where it seems like a good idea but can 'trip' you up. Or I could be full of shit. At any rate, I would most definetly buy it. Oh yeah.


its a good idea, i just wish you spent more time o nthe graphics

Sauza Gold

it was a good chuckle but
the design needs to look
like you actually worked on it.

mr. eggshells

its a bit crappy but what the hell.... $5


I like in white $5


As amusing as I find the previous comment, I would prefer it if you guys left real comments with advice of how to improve, or just leave nothing at all, thanks.


I like everything but the color. Change the black sketch to white and put it on a dark colored shirt. I'd give it a 5$ if it were on a dark color.


great idea, bad design.


The stickman style doesn't really agree with me either. I would go for either a more realistic or a scribbly style? Also I would make the person at a...closer to 45 degree angle, to make it more...trippy...trip-like ;;?

If you put this on a colored tee, I would recommend a different layout than the cropped white shape background you have right now...maybe define the ground better with a separate color? And have the background up from the ground the t-shirt color? Augh, I'm probably not being clear, sorry @@; I tried to come up with some helpful crits :\ Nice concept and good luck!


I like the small version with the constrasting bubble around the sketch much better than just having the sketch on the shirt.


I agree with PatheticIndividual's comment, If you want a "real comment" as in someone taking the time to creativly criticize your submission try taking some time and work on your submission, develope your idea(no matter how lame), add some depth, use another program beside paint, and so on, and so on


I agree with everyone who said it's a great idea but a terrible design.


way funny, wouldn't wear it.


To beta max and pathetic invidual why the hell are you on a site like this if you just are gonna put the artist down. It doesn't help anyone and just makes you look like an ass. I do agree that the design needs work but the idea is pretty good. Good luck with your next submissions Aeronca


take 5 more minutes on your design please. But good idea

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