What is it girl???

  • by scoutti
  • posted Jan 06, 2006

me your greatest fan!

Watch this

Ahh without the title I wouldn't know it's a Lassie reference. Sorry.


haha I don't know wheter I love it or hate it


er, its really a bit to comic-ee for me
its funny though


I was confused until I read the title.
Make the dog's head resemble Lassie
more and you're on your way.


you hit the mother load, i like this shirt, it makes me laugh


I understood this one without the title. I mean, Well + Brown Border Collie = !!
I like it on white; mostly because the fur on her neck looks best that way.
Nice job.


this made me laugh


please fix the boobs.


stickymike profile pic Alumni

I want to have a baby with you fink

then we can train it to design t shirts, it wil lthe beggining of a legacy of fuckin awesome shirts


haha... i thought it was funny.
but i wouldnt buy it.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Excellent illustration!


i got it straight away. it's very funny.


at first i was like, AH! that's so similar to my last sub!

but then i was like... but it's so much better than mine. :(

i love it. $5 you drawls guud.

Anima Obscura

Hahah this is so funny and I don't know why
The "HELP" is so silly and useless

$5 !


Those are some hairy legs and arms, remind of my daddy and he aint no big bad wolf


could be the weakest thing i have ever seen on threadless

please never submit anything like this again

it has no purpose

it is rubbish

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ wtf, I hope you know this guy and he's just giving you a hard time because he's your bud otherwise he's an idiot... moron without a clue of originality

this is absolutely hilarious, a cross wonder woman meets lassie.

thank you for being original and having fun


haha yikes. lets hope people can appreciate your more illustrative work as well as the straight on comedy. CUZ i do! nice illo


i absolutely love lassie's boobs.

please keep them weird.

and armorforhenry obviously has sucktastic music taste. $5


I think what is really missing in this composition objects that show some real culture... you know?

Maybe some thick black rimmed glasses? or possibly some black eyeliner?
Also I think the hair would look better if it were a bit straighter.

The boots would look more the part if they were chucks.

$5 !

lizzel levesque

funni-ness, i'd buy it if i'd wear those colors, but i'd definitely buy it for someone else!
and remember, don't feed the trolls


haha, you're a weirdo


I loves FINK!


before i read the title i thought it was something about little red riding hood... but... that didnt really make sense... so... yeah.


a little scary.
make it look more like lassie, wearing a superhero costume...and people might appreciate it more.


My first thought was all 'wtf'./ If the pose/costume were more superhero-y, I would have made the well connection.

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