Love... or Lunch?

  • by maggock
  • posted Jan 05, 2006

The title is intended to encourage the viewer to consider all possible options of the relationship these two might have. ;)

Thanks to everyone who gave critiques on this - they were very helpful!

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sweet colors. well done.


i really love this shirt, esp in the purply-pink colors.


awesome! this is why they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" - good body language and story in one simple image.


cute I like it.

Easy Jack

I love this shirt with a passion.



love it. the purple looks great.


i like the purple, i think id also like it in blues, lovely design


his arm (the one sticking out) is a little strange.
other than that i love it
purple definintely


Holy tenticals! :O I would buy this in a second if she didn't have so many legs! :O

5$ = classical mermaid! :)

Easy Jack

BTW, as a guy I personally would prefer the purple.

Either way, I'll buy this regardless of the color. The shirt is just beautiful!


Love the use of colours (on both templates).



really great, but there definetly is some problems with the guy, but its still great!


Very neat :)_


purple please!!!
red......not so much......

i like this mucho. 5.

d3d profile pic Alumni

that looks like something that would get printed to me. nice job.


Oh my goodness, awesome. Simply awesome. Purple is usually a hated color of mine, but it just works so well in this design. (I like the red, too.) This is definitely a must buy for me, and I don't see many of those.

As for the comments like "the guy looks weird" and such like that, just ignore them. Who's really going to stare at this shirt once somebody's wearing it and criticize the character's proportions and if his arm looks "a little strange"? The concept, detail and colors overpower any minor problems. (Which I see none, so I wish everyone would stop being picky for the sake of being picky and enjoy this great design for what it is.)


Brown...definately brown. 5$

stickymike profile pic Alumni

I will give you my honest opinion, I probably wouldnt wear this...

but its a good illustration, its really well done, great colors, and deserves a good score, so Im high fiving this bad boy


excellent...I think the tentacles and the guy are fine the way they are $5


i like the vaguely lovecraftian subtext, and the fact the guy kinda reminds me of Tetsuo.


sorry i wouldnt wear it, colors are a little feminine and the other option is ugly. Also, im not so crazy about SO MANY tentacles


Thanks for the comments so far everyone! I appreciate them all. As for the guy's anatomy, alas, I did not spend as much time on him as the girl and it does show. If this does get selected I will try to go back and tweak him a little.

As for the squid/tentacle haters - unfortunately the message would be fundamentally altered if I turned her into a mermaid - most people don't associate them as man-eaters as far as I know. ;) I put the tentacles in for a definite monster feel, and to contrast with the lady top. She's pretty, but could be deadly!

Color haters are welcome to post alternatives in my blog post about this. :>


AMAZING! I love the colors, what are people talking about? $5! crossing fingers will be printed!


I like this one a great deal, particularly with the alternate coloration. I do agree that the guy needs a bit more definition, but I love the chick just as she is. The tentacles definitely make the image, and a classic mermaid would completely spoil it.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Hey did you add a little butt like I said or am i seeing things? I think this turned out very nicely even though I cant wear purple. You get yourself a 4.


I absolutely LOVE this design. I'd totally buy it on any color other than white, natural, purple, or pink.
Great job! $5


This is really awesome. I like all the tentacles -- less tentacles wouldn't give you as much of the monster feel. I love the little details, from the grass to the clouds to the hair -- it's all really great!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very nice work! It's a good overall illustration and I like your use of colours. Nice work on the tentacles and good use of negative space. Would wear this on black, navy or brown. Good luck!!


Very nice and I would wear either colourway $5


Wow! very cool.
I think its lunch at first sight.


Wonderful curvy details!


a voice from the Sea beacons me downward
to drown and breathe a new air
for this love i forsake the shore
for my princess of the Deep
Daughter of Hydra


Bramish profile pic Alumni

Nice work. Especially on fixing the boobelbow. I LOVE the colours on the maroon shirt. I'd definitely buy that. $4


this is my first $5 in a while, i love it!!!


The guy reminds me of Puck.

Anyway, I'm glad to see this finally up for scoring. It looks great.


AWESOME shirt, just plain awesome. this is the only 5 ive given out today, all the others ewre like 1s or 2s.
i <3 it!


Really cool design.

I think, though, that the guy Seems kind of squarish...

owen skyser-gray

perfect example of a shirt i probably wouldnt like if it werent for your dynamite choices of colors.
with weaker colors it would have been a 2 for me
this is now a 4


multiple legged octopus? OR MILIPUS???


I'm liking this shirt a lot. Even though I'm seriously NOT a fan of purple, I love the colours that you used in the purple shirt. I still wouldn't buy the purple ;) but I would buy the brown or, as someone else suggested, blue. I don't like being critical but the dude's arm is a bit off, although you've already said you'd tweak that so c'est la vie!

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