i dont like the yellow. but other than that its awsome

Watch this

i like it a lot, but not in the corner. :) hope this helps


love the design, and though the shirt color works i wouldn't wear it. 4


baloons's be in your armpit. other wise 4

asher27 profile pic Alumni

bansky anyone?


Similar to Banksy
But still neat
I like it

little man

i thought i would get a few banksy comments lol! but if i was to resubmit the design i would reposition it away from the arm pit. i couldnt get it right at the time. o well theres room to improve!


id love to see it larger on the shirt. i think its beautiful.


the girl on the right looks like she is standing, not dangling.
and yeah, the balloons would be in your arm pit.

but otherwise i like it.

Rain Mack

i really like this. could be repostioned and balloons could be smaller perhaps? But still love it!!


Somehow it still looks too tall & skinny to be on the side b/c it looks like it's heading to (or coming from) the armpit. I like the design, just not in that placement... at all.

whisper in water

The girl's feet need to be more... hangy. They need to look like they're dangling. Rigidity of feet --> looks like she's standing. On air.


banksy was what i thought too

but idea is not originally from kanbsy

  • that sense less spiralstuff is gay


puschi, baby, calling something "gay" makes you seem like a 6th grade boy.

i like the shirt design, but the color choice is less than swell.


if this shirt was uber tight, the balloons would be printed right where your lymphnodes are. and they kinda look like lymphnodes. i'm all for anatomic referencing shirts.


great illustration!


love it. love it. LOVE IT> please, please, PLEASE print!!!!!! now? how about now? now's good. yep, now is a good time. $5 all the way!!!!


it's very cute. i'm not feeling the black blob monster. i mean it's lovely but it looks like it doesn't belong.


... so that's a monster? i was wondering wtf that was ... and what's up with the arrows? is it going in that direction? please explain

still pretty cool looking ... just need to change the position as you and the others have said

5... just cuz of the yellow glove

little man

what monster????? your scaring me


change the position a little.


Placement is bad, but I like banksy.. and this is cool.

I mean come on, nearly ever idea has been thought up or done already..


I want to say that I really really admire the artwork and design on this. Brilliant.


Larger and less off to the side and I'd buy this in a heartbeat!

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