life and death

  • by asher27
  • posted Jan 02, 2006

so ive had this pen and ink sketch in my sketchbook for a few months now... finally decided to take a photo of it (scanners a piece of crap) and then convert it to vector and paint it.

i have quite a fascination with trees and they seem to represent life and death through change of seasons... left side spring, right side winter... kinda.


Watch this

a little like killing tree, but different enough.


I think the birds should look more like they're flying; they look kind of like floating ducks as they are now.

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theyre rubber duckies :)


hahah, the floating duckies are awesome. love the artwork!

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ah. to the comment about the similarity to killing tree... this has no similarity whatsoever other than theres a tree and life and death are involved... i meant it as the change of season, spring vs winter. not a little girl swinging and a guy being hung on the other side.

oh, and thanks for all the comments so far, i really appreciate it.


I love it! But shouldn't the grass on the dead side be dead?


Dead Bird.
Life of Death.
Life and Death.
I like it.
Just very similar titles.


The grass on the right should be brown. And the branches could probably look a little deader. Like grayish maybe.

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yeah schrosr i searched it... that whole stuck with pins vs xiv was going on when i first registered over that... i personally dont like it at all. i do remember it though, i just didnt recall the name.


i really, really like this. I like that tire swings imply life :)


I like it when we play and have nice times in trees.

Everything looks like something else these days. Don't worry, be happy! Chur


oh gosh i really really love this shirt.

not sure about a buy......
but a 5!

nice work!


I absolutely love it.

Perhaps snow would signify winter better?


I love the ducks.
A bit more contrast on the tree maybe? More darks..
And a bit of dirt/weeds trailing from the bottom would be lovely- it looks like it is flying


good idea, but poor design.


I have been studying Forestry for five years so this image really speaks to me, I LOVE it.


the birds need some help...

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