I dont like the shirt color, and the design kind of bores me.

Not something I would wear, but it looks nice enough.

Watch this



it looks nice.. but not something I would wear


Be more creative.


eh.... i could buy an identical one at wal mart.


no offense, it's a great design, but i'd never by it.
mostly cause when i look at it, it screams LOGO.
people would probably just ask "oh what's company is that?"
maybe if you could work it into a greater design.
maybe a t-shirt rendition of Hell?


Design is too plain. Wouldn't wear if it was free.


These comments are a bit harsh. Your illustration is good, but I think people are taking issue with the fact that it doesn't have a very threadless feel. The bold lines and centered placement make it look like other tees which is precisely what people are NOT looking for here. Your profile points out you have a lot of pro experience and your design reflects it. This is good, but you're going for the wrong audience here. If it were more 'arty' or conceptual and less iconic you'd be better recieved here.


it looks like an obey giant shirt, beyond that it's awesome. i wish more shirts would look like logo/band shirts, but not actually really belong to anything.

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