The Bitter President

No, it\'s not GeeDubya, it\'s The Bitter Ape.

But the resemblance is uncanny...

Watch this

i think it is hilarious assuming that the average person knows what satirizing and vernacular mean...$5


who's satirizing the american vernacular?!
i love big words.. $4.


I just looked up vernacular in the dictionary. 4$


Very nice. $5 because I totally got it :D


one of the best ive seen here.
$5 and buy


" i think it is hilarious assuming that the average person knows what satirizing and vernacular mean...$5"

Ditto. Remember people... public newspapers are written on an sixth grade reading level. Still, a very nice design there. Rated five, and I'd buy it.


Wait, there are people who wouldn't know what that meant?


I don't like/understand the face.... =/


vernacular? what do dat mean? fo shizzle. hellboy is one of my favorite movies about red guys. yay!


I like the text... hate the dude's face though.


vernacular is my favorite word of all time. and this tee RAWKS purty hard too.


face is from I know it's difficult to read when it's so small. That's what is above the word "YOU"

I would have made the image larger, but I had thought that I needed to stick to the template file.


btw, thanks for all the comments, I was curious as to how this T would go over.


the bitter ape? i understand the text and like it, but am completely lost as to the illustration of an Uncle Sam knock off


Hmm. Satire is exposing the weakness or folly of something through witty criticism. In other words, you think GW fumbles over words to illustrate the weakness of the English language. You must consider him quite smart. Unless that's not what you meant. Then this shirt is just poor word choice.


Oh, and I love how some of you are patting yourselves on the back for "getting it" and "knowing what them big werds mean!" when you clearly don't. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it doesn't make sense.


That doesnt make any sense. Everybody load up your dictionary widget, because "satirizing the American vernacular", while pretty sounding (cellar door), just doesn't make sense. I also doubt you could argue there is ONE "American Vernacular."

People v Yenzer

I would like it if:
1) It was the original Uncle Sam image and
2) You used the right word..."vernacular" doesn't work. "An American Icon" would be fine, although that verges on weird patriotism...


As one who tends to be grammatically cantankerous, I wholeheartedly approbate the aforementioned composition. 5$


wow... people really read into this.

I was just tired of "graphic designers" stealing and overusing pre-existing images that have already flooded the print industry... appropriation my a$$...

Maybe I did use the wrong words, I've thought about so much that now I'm not even sure what it was I was trying to communicate. Oh well.

But I will say that the design really had nothing to do with Bush, but if you can make a connection, be my guest.

Thanks to all who commented.


You said yourself, "The resmemblance is uncanny..."

We can make a connection because you gave it to us.

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