we all die

  • by ekaj47
  • posted Dec 22, 2005

Basically we all die, and we all turn into a skeleton, after that I dont know. But I think this looks good with the 2 greys, white and black on most any color or tonal on any color.

Watch this

good design...just over used on threadless


Awright! I've never seen a design even REMOTELY like this one before!

That's totally original! A giant skull on a t-shirt! Who'd have thunk?!

It's so edgy and...and...juvenile.

Seriously. Can we please have more angsty dark imagery? I don't think there are nearly enough submissions in this vein.

At all.


Enough with the dead stuff already.


Hey! I've never seen a comment even REMOTELY as un-constructive as that one before! Its so pathetically sarcastic! Dizzying use of exclamation marks! How utterly funny!
It's so edgy and...and ...pointless

Seriously can you please spare us your great egotistical triumph. There were already two submissions ahead of you saying the same thing in a less arrogant manner. Get over yourself.


The point is not if there's a skull/heart/cute animals or another kind of extremly used image. The point is how those things are used on the design.

Seeing those plants around the skull, I thought that if they were growing on the top of the skull, creating another thing, like a tree, or whatever, giving the sense of rebirth, that would be a nice approach to this theme.


omg what do you know...ANOTHER skull.

love the member

I haven't been a part of threadless for that long, but from all my perusing, I haven't seenthat many skulls to cause so much huff.

I think guilhermeev was on the right track with the whole rebirth idea. It seems to me that although the growth of the brush isn't on top of the skull, it still stems from the same point as the skull - showing the return to the beginning - or a full circle - which is how life and death is connected and usually depicted. It's subtle, but I like it.

I really like the bottom four colors as well, the bright makes it "pop."

the idea of life and death is never-ending and constant, so how could you get tired of its depiction?

omg what do you know...ANOTHER design i like.


I LOVE angsty dark imagery...PRINT IT!


its like the cover of that GUN game sorry


Lovely! I think it would look better on the back of a shirt though.


mcnasty? what GUN game? please reference so I know what you are talking about? i'm curious

guilhermeev, good point, i should have thought about that, but
i get so anxious just to submit i figured it was finished.

regarding some of the other above comments: there are just as many if not more heart, tree/plant, grenade, bird, octopus submissions than skull submissions during my 3 month time here, either way there is no rule limiting the number of times a theme can be submitted. we all have to deal with it.


don't like angry skulls.. love day of the dead ones.. this is close!
on blue.. $4


I love skulls, but not the angry morbid kind. This is really well drawn though so I give it a 4 anyway.


great illustration, but i wouldn't wear it.


Pretty rad.
i think the thorns and stuff could be too symmetrical. It might be cooler if they were messier.


cool, but not quite me........


I find the plant looks kind of like a marijuana leaf, I would suggest that you make it vines around it or something.
But the artwork and such is well done. Skulls aren't really my thing but I definitely know some people that would wear this!


What a bad design...I'm not a shirt fanatic or any of that sort...but this has to be the worst and most unoriginal design I have ever seen...THUMBS DOWN!


Have a good one


Terry Citizen

Momento Mori.
"Remember you will die."

I like it but the design needs some work to acheive what your saying in concept.

At the moment it looks a little bit too much like your average skull tshirt but with further fleshing out of the concept, it could be interesting. Play around with implementing other elements such as the phrase I used at the top of this comment to make it a little bit different.

Good work though. It 's a good start.


It doesn't matter what the "theme" is.

It matters how well it's done.

... My $0.02.


not enough variation in the brambles

its basically one image copy/pasted lots

this would also be good if youd spent some time drawing out a skull

it mightve made it more interesting and less like a photo


i think you should have the white and black skull on a bright green shirt, that would look great


it's ok, but a little cliche, and not really "threadless"-y.


i'm sure other people would wear it


its what first came to mind...... type in GUN xbox in google image search youll get my drift

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