• by Keano
  • posted Dec 21, 2005

Hi guys, my second submission taken from a range i've designed titled 'Camouflage'. The concept applies to everything and anything that implements a prominent colour everyone knows it by. This ranges from household objects to endangered species.

Watch this

took me a while but i got it. $4 id buy it!


I'd remove the camouflage logo,


Cool idea, but I would place the 'camuflage' somewhere else or redesign the writing.


id place the extinguisher on the bottom right only bc of the perspective of it. good idea or no?


bottom right, no logo for the 5$


Like everyone has already suggested, ditch the logo.


Cheers for the comments guys - as i've put in my opening comment, the only reason there is a logo on there, is that i've developed a range of these tees all following the same concept. As a series it works, but I can understand what your saying as a one off. thanks folks

god is an architect!

the "camouflage" spoils it. i'll buy it at once without that!


ha i like it
if only i could do the same thing...........


i think you got the 'no logo's' thing so i'll forgo it. <g> That's an awesome idea though. $5


Just put the Camoflage tag in the far corner away from the design (I don't know if this site offers multiple placement designs, but it shouldn't be a problem.).

And for a rating, 4. Buyable.


reminds me of cleaver.


im definitely into it- i like that it isnt apparent right away what it is, that you have to work at it. id buy it. 5$.


Great design, been said b4 but i'd get rid of the "camoflage" logo. The design can speak for itself.


Can we get it in green?


OH! it's a fire extinguisher. i get it, i get it.


Get rid of that text! 3

And could we see some other colors please?

ej ronin

Id keep the text becaue it takes the image to a different meaning. Red shirt, red extinguisher... thre you go. the humor to me is in the negative space. Enlarge and center the text. If it a logo, the humor is lost.

On a downside, the design only makes sense on red so it limits the variety, hence the problem with print design with identifiable objects using negative space.


Ah - I am slow, but got it in the end :o) Nice work


it bothers me a bit that the shiny patches create a smiley face
other than that, brilliant


i didn't notice that till hellothere pointed it out. i like the concept and design. i'm afraid the people asking for other colors don't get it. it wouldn't make sense on any color besides red. i think i would like it if it was at the bottom corner. i would get this for my cousin that's a fire chief. i want to see some other designs for the series. 5$


Amazingly clever design, its refreshing. Like the fact it is available in red only as thats the idea - would like to see other camouflage designs. Nice to see something other than bunnies, trees and robots!


Fabulous! I would love to see the others in the series.

Obviously the shirt can't be printed in anything but red - it would destroy it. Its not a limiting factor for me.

I too found the shiny spots that make a smiley face a bit distracting. Other than that I love it!


clean up some of the vector work and it would be AWESOME. It just seems like some parts (the bottom handle and the reflections for instance) have more complex edges than others.


Love it! Cool design. Got mates that work as firemen and would buy this tee as a pressie.


Actually, lose the logo, but also lose the black curve at the bottom.

Its more fun to look at it and go WTF?--and then realize what it is.

Then it would REALLY blend in.

With that black curve, you're just giving it away. You're basically defeating the whole point of your image if you do that.

Also, it smacks of this waaaaay too much:


No Logo.
Bottom right corner of the shirt.
Clean up the vectors a bit.

Feckin' sweet - clever boy!


sure are alot of text haters here.. I like it like it is. 5


ooh that's cool i took me a moment to realize it was a fire extinquisher...
and altho i'm not a 'text hater' i find that the 'camouflage' takes away from the whole effect.

Rok Kind

logo , take it ruins.....then the shirt is good. and i would buy it...but if way......put it elsewhere.....not in the front at least....maybe on the back right below the neck or something.

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