IF Threadless broaden their horizons... what would you like to see?

There are countless sites out there that offer people to design and sell their own shirts as well as mug, mousepads, you name it. Cafepress being right up there.

I see some comments about they love the design...but not on a shirt. What are your opinions about threadless broadening their products? Would you buy stickers, mugs, beanies, etc?

-edit- i was talking to someone earlier about people thinking threadless was actually doing this... they arent... im just saying IF they did other stuff, what would you like to see?
-end edit-

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slipmats would be schweet, but in all honesty I dont think they have any plans do sell anything but shirts


condoms. right on! also, diaphragms.


cavas bags would be cool

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Threadless should have (art movement) loves Threadless type comps. For example: Modernism <3's Threadless or Surrealism <3's Threadless

(famous artist) Loves Threadless.
The designs would have to be created in a similar style relating to the famous artist.


mouse pads






fabric patches


i really wish threadless still did prints... i liked some of the prints they did. i also especially wish they still made hoodies. especially in these winter months :-(

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Threadless did make hoodies at one time... they didn't sell well enough.


i wouldnt mind buying a knit beanie.


now that threadless is crazy popular... and this time of year... hoodies and beanies would sell like mad. Hell Id even buy the same design again.


id love to buy pandamonium on a heather grey hoodie


hoodies and zip ups would be awsome


sweet... you can submit tie patterns?!?


i just had an idea
panties and boxers
think of all the poop and wiener jokes!!


Meh, I dunno - I kinda like the idea of just having t-shirts. Keeps things simple.


finally a black guy who wears threadless..hi how you doing...
im the residential wigger according to some around here.
nice to meet you.

oh and they should start doing some hoodys again..its almost winter time again in chicago and its fucking cold man.



and scarves? although that'd be interesting.


Having recently read the FAQ again, noticed that the Jakes are fond of posters. Being a poster afficianado myself, I'd not mind if Threadless offered poster design competitions as well.

That and the tie idea suggested early is nifty. And hats.
-- Scaper-X


Posters would be really great...and hoodies.


well I'm a big fan of the long sleeve t myself (always cold) especially at this time of year. I just bought a few shirts so now I'm trying to figure out how many layers I can put around them so I can wear them and not die of hypothermia


pins are good too


xiv mentioned fabric patches and I'd love Threadless to start up on that. I can already imagine what my wall would look like with the numerous design patches that I'd be purchasing.


Crap... I didn't even think about half this stuff. Id go broke if they offered patches. But I like that scarf idea the best.

Gamejunkie talks about keeping it simple. Yeah, Im thinking to just start a separate site. Same company. Look down at the bottom of the page and you'll see "a skinniCorp company." You'll see the same thing on "NakedandAngry.com."


to seriously get threadless to consider "broadening their horizons" we need more input...


I want them to make stickers of the designs!
Maybe they could include a sticker with the shirt you bought or maybe you can have a choice of either buying a shirt or sticker !
Justa thought!


word. (BuriedAlive)


stickers with the shirts would be sweet.

5 colors... i think that might be too expensive. although seeing how people manage with 4, i would like to see what can be done with 5?


zip-up hoodies. or toothbrushes.


hoodies and shirts are all i need.


Toothbrushes? That'd be funky.


boxers for boys
lowrise boxers for girls

and tattoooooooooooooooos


toothbrushes! and purses.


I'd like to see threadless become a real clothing line, but I'm not sure how that would work. I'd like to see threadless Jeans, or shorts or stuff like that however making them is so much more complecated and the design system would be harder.

The designer would have to do designs of how it should look, patterns and possibly mock ups.

But if threadless does that it cant appeal to designers because most lack the skills to do it, they'd have to target textiles and fashion students primerally.

Threadless trainers would be good, it's very possible to do as well:


if you click on shoes you can see some of David Choes work, they were sold through upper playground.


R to the Sizzle

My sister goes to Parson's in New York, and the Threadless guys came and spoke at her school. She told me that they had thought about a full fashion line but knew nothing about it. That's how Naked & Angry came about; it's the happy medium.


A full clothing line may be complicated. I dont know howd they do jeans. Or shoes.

Im pretty much thinking a similar setup to CafePress would work well. Although, I dont know if Threadless is popular enough to put that kind of time and money into something like that.

Id really just like to see winter wear. Hoodies, zips, longsleeves. Stuff like that. Anything that doesnt make the current process more difficult. Selling clothes is one thing. But these guys have to deal with a submission process and voting process.

Note: I would buy a Threadless toothbrush in a heartbeat.

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