apocalips now

  • by kidaro
  • posted Dec 20, 2005

Whoa! Looks like something out of MAD Magazine, which is agood thing IMO.

Watch this

i like the yellow but i'm unsure about the lips-idea...


what a crazy batch of comments to start off with...ditch the font, the image, and get either Steven Tyler or Alfred E. Neuman on the line. wild, man!


i don't like the font, maybe an handmade one is better. btw, cool parody idea, i like it ^_^


Those are some seriously chapped lips!


very cool design I like the R. Crumb-ish lips


I love the design, the style, the colors. I agree that the text should go. I think the Apocalypse concept is quite clear without it. Good work.


isnt apocalype now a muse song? nothing wrong with that..

i like the style, but i think people would get confused, i'm so sick of explaining my shirts to people


oh apocalips nows! before i read the title i thought you wanted lip balm (bomb) now!


Apocalypse Now is a movie, blonde8007. It's based off the Joseph Conrad book "Heart of Darkness".

It's a cool design. Maybe on a different color, and without the "now".
I think Apoca-lips is punny enough without the now


I sweat this shirt on a different color with the text gone...possibly sky blue or natural

zipperking profile pic Alumni

like the design but yeah ditch the text


I'm not too worried about the text...I like it becuse it makes the image feel very "Electric Company", but it doesnt' make or break the piece for me. If there was nothing there, I'm sure there would be comments like "the lips should be saying something". I agree that it would look good on natural...good suggestion, waterst.

The Happiest Heart

WOW. There are some odd coments. The font is fine because if it is too crazy, I'll take away from the image. I love it, it makes me laugh.

I'd buy it.


the explosion and the colors are awesome, but i dont like the lips. Make it just an explosion and I'll consider buying it.

Super Loaf

Wickedly wicked, but I think the voice bubble is different from the rest of the picture. Give it the red outline you used for the rest and Id buy it. 4$


o yeah, this one looks good on the yellow shirt. good job


That's so funny, I am writing a paper on that right movie now! (well I am taking a break)


crazy psychedelic. dig the idea and the colors, the energy. but think the talk bubble really detracts from the design. I don't think it's needed. the illustration conveys the meaning on its own.

oh shnapple tree

it reminds me of someone like your boss, or a parent blowing up.
i like this, its creative :]

most definate $5


I like the tension between the high energy
lines everywhere and the mouth being so calm. .

I agree with Backstgartist's comment about
leaving off the text since the concept of "Apoca-lips"
works just as well. .

The things bothering me are the white dots on the
lower lip and the teeth being blue instead of white.
Maybe get rid of the teeth so the lips are the only
thing to focus on and get rid of the white dots so
viewers won't be distracted by thinking they're
breakouts of herpes.

Great design, bsmithillustration

tesko profile pic Alumni

it looks nothing like impact... fucking hell. Anyway, another awesome illustration from you, nice work.


Great one! Explosive...


It made me giggle...

And I LOVE symmetrical designs. For some reason? Definitely $5


Everything's perfect, but am I missing something? The lips look...well...chapped, if not .furry.


(But it's still good.)


i like it as is.


too political no thank you


also too literal


ApocaLIPS! nice work! ;)


Nice name. I like it but wouldn't buy it, if that makes any sense.

I Ate A Trainer

ditch the text, otherwise this is great!


hmmm...i would hope that my kisses have an atomic force behind them.

but the lips do look a little chapped or, well, not nice.

i do like this shirt a shit-ton, though.


VERY nice style. I love the artwork.

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