Mad Robot

  • by dirtburg
  • posted Dec 19, 2005

<<<<I AM A ROBOTS>>>>

Anything with robots is brilliant. $5

Watch this
Easy Jack

Yes, robots are fun. Regardless, this submission is far too simplistic and to top it all off the colors are "bleh."



would those be considered halftones.....?


the shirt is nice, i like robots
but threadless needs new colors, enough yellow.
i have like 5 yellow shirts =]

doctor snuggles

I like the simplicity of this shirt... or do I, Im confused


fuck ur robot this bleeding heart,robot,animal,ninja,pirate,monkey,artwork that makes no sense shit is all getting annoying stop wasting my time

vodka fosterkids

thats cute, but i would never wear it on a yellow shirt.

change the color shirt and i would totally buy.


Yeah, the color of the shirt is kinda bleh.. but overall it's a cool robot. I likes the robot. 3


i'm not a fan of yellow shirts, but i like the image a lot


the thinless of the robot's legs concern me.


They already made a robot shirt...


I'm sick of robots.


what klayr and thickblueink have stated for me


Why is he so mad? The robot could be a little bigger, but I like it... $5


robots are not brilliant, and this says nothing to me.


I don't understand why everyone hates this so much. I'm not a big fan of robots either, but even if I absolutely hated them I wouldn't say "I hate robots" or "I'm sick of robots." I just wouldn't comment or score it.


yah yah WooyaPooya I quite agree. Constructive helpful criticism or none at all. Mean little poeple.
Well - I do like robots yes, BUt i think this designb might benifit from having some sort of persepective - so you can see him 3D becuase at the moment he is a, i feel, a little flat. And maybe play with some shadow - it perhaps would bring some more depth to the image. Nice start though.


i think i've seen a bit too many robot designs...
try something a little more imaginative.
but, the robot is well-drawn

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