Tinkerbell Does Smoke

Please be nice and respecful when you crit. :)

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Easy Jack

Nice artwork, but it's something I wouldn't wear.

You do good work, so keep up with the submissions.



"NO SMOKING" but nice work without the cigarrette


it's like a naughty and pensive tinkerbell... i like it


really awesome art...but not me.
4 anyways.


I dont like how short and stubby she is.

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Was this inspire by a submission entitled "Smok"?

hmm.... >:(

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Not exactly something I would wear, but, I must say, this is some freaken awesome art.


Holly Crap! That's a cool drawing...
Did you draw this with a mouse?
I'd so wear the light pink and brown stroke one.


A little gothic Tinkerbell, huh?

I like how the smoke is like a skull, which is a symbol of pirates


Eddy Winsworth

I know a girl who would freak out over this shirt

Prince Valiant

I absolutely love this shirt. Twisting childhood characters is definatly something that catches my intrest.


Lady Macbeth

It looks like she needs that cigarette... I like it!


hey hey not bad. It has this touch of humour. id probably buy it even though im against smoking.


the smoke skulls reminds me of harry potter. because they have a smoke skull in the 4th book.


I think it would work better to remove the skull smoke. It detracts from the girl.


Tinkerbell is either a goth or a prostitute.


i know lots of annoying pseudogoth girls who would squeal over this. therefore, 0.

pitbull love

I WANT THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!


"I dont like how short and stubby she is. "

Her knees are bent and she's seated you idiot.


thanks for ur explaintation =) that's exactly what i was wanting to say... lol

Whos the Boss?

i like the whole feel of the shirt...definitely would buy . 5.


i like it, but i'm a allergic to smoke, so yeah, 100% anti-smoking.
it's cool though.

is a gunslinger

Haha. I'm slightly allergic to smoke too. But I still like it. 5$


hee hee i'm a non-smoker, too.

but i wanted to make Tinkerbell bad. hehe

Zombie Loaf

Haha, a fairy smoking. :C That's the last thing I thought I'd ever see.

3, really creative.

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i like, would look really bangin' on some hottie.

oh, and purple delight is definitely a hottie! just thought i'd let ya know grl.


i luv it bab, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk luv ya,


i think the awkward anatomy/position of her legs throws the whole design off. especially because the upper body is well done.
otherwise, i think its ok :D


art = lovely
i <33 tinkerbell,
maybe a shirt without her smoking would sell better?


love tinkerbell looking all.. disheveled and whatnot. not perfect. i don't know the word i'm looking for lol, but she's it.



too hot topic for my taste.
i think the pink on light pink looks best. the dark blue shirt doesn't do much for the drawing.


and here, we have tink - sans the split up with pan.


I likeit, but the skull seems to distract me from the actual image. Another colour would be nice too. This has awesome potential.


I really, really like the style.


love it...I'd totally buy it


" i know lots of annoying pseudogoth girls who would squeal over this."
i don't know lots of pseudogoth girls, but this totally reminds me of the ones i USED to know back in high school, which is sort of really annoying, so i as well would not wear this. otherwise, good job.

btw, your first submission is REALLY similar to a drawing i did a long time ago for a cd cover. just wanted to mention that!

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