Dinosaurs are now called 'Jesus Horses'

this appeases everybody, don't it?

Watch this

No thanks. Good drawing but bad usage of Jesus

Richard Shone

Q. Why does Jesus ride Dinosaurs?
A. God only knows

well drawn, but old concept.


Tuxedo Oni

Wullagaru, it's not like you were the first to make jest about Jesus and dinosaurs. Bill Hicks, the comedian, presented that bible fallacy the best.


Bill Hicks is the best - a wisp of cotton candy framing a paper cut.

Taylor Action

this is also from saturday night live :)


dont. ever. have your subission flahing like this

i cnt see it

why wud i buy it




haha. cool.

sam says rawrrrr

i think henry must have problems seeing, because its fine for me.


cool, I want something like this, but with nicer linework i think...

Taylor Action

yeah the line work is sloppy, i'll agree wih that


am i the only one who hasn't heard of this whole jesus horse business before. is it because i dont live in america?
anyway, this shirt is cool, even if i dont get it. amazingly and blissfully random (to me). $5


Yeah, it is flashing/moving a bit too fast.

Taylor Action

i had no idea, i like the other design too, it's a bit different.


there aer alot of jesus shirts lately....


If you were getting the jesus horse from that snl epiode a while back, awesome, if not, its still awesome...i wouldnt wear it but id buy if for someone

Good job


it took me a minute to realize it was jesus and not some chick...the hat threw me off ( i think it would do better without it). and please please please don't make things flash like that.


Reminds me too much of "My Pet Rhinocerous"


I'm glad there is a lot of commentary on the whole evolution/creationism thing, and I like the idea of this tee. I don't like the art, though, so sorries!


it doesn't quite appeal.


Get rid of Jesus and I'll buy it. Dinos are shit.


1) The biologist in me is screaming. Dinos + people = never together. So your humor is lost entirely.

2) Hat sucks.

3) Sloppy lines.


holy shit.

yes please.

i love dinosaurs.
i love commercial depictions of biblical figures.

5$ and a scientific fact that this shirt rules.

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