do it for the money

  • by WEContact
  • posted Dec 13, 2005

Good work, but I wouldn't wear it. = \

Watch this
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i likes

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

whoa.. that sure is.. somethin'


i hate these stupid fantasies

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice color choice and excellent drawing. I'm 50/50 on whether I'd wear it, but it's nice to look at.


I like it, but I would never wear it 4

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

you do what for the money?

shouts Photo Op

Offensive. You think women would actually wear this?


No more naked ladies please!


im a woman... but then again i love women, so i'd wear it. hahaa. but yeah, i think the people who would actually wear this is a very limited number, even if the art is good, not many will want to strut their stuff in this.


GOD AGAIN WITH THE WOMEN EVERYWHERE!! They're overdone! Profiles, clothed, un-clothed, line drawings, New subject please

  1. If you need to satisfy your urge to draw naked women, please don't force it on all of us.

It's a submission. He's allowed to enter it just as you're allowed to have opinions on it. He's not forcing you to buy it, let alone wear it.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting the internet's serious business. Duh.

Fiven + $.


I'd rock it if instead of the bubble background...maybe skyscrapers..or something urban like that. Very nice work.




I dont think most girls would wear this or many guy caus eits pretty degrading


like the style.


she's angry cause she knows she's gonna have to take that duct tape off her nipples soon... ow


Nude women are played out...
I like sex a ton, but it's for home. Respect is for public arenas. Women as people and not sex objects is what I would like to see. Thanks...


i've seen another recent duct tape - nipple nude girl spread leg thing, and even though i don't really approve of either one, there's something that definitely makes them stand apart.

the rib lines vs. the stomach lines in the "wanna play" entry.

she's angry because she's hungry.

i applaud nudity, but this seems to be in somewhat poor taste.


Yeah, I like your other risque work, and its nice to see you moving away from that urban/tagger style, but this really is in poor taste.




Could you please tell me what is wrong with women? Do you all have problems with your sexuality. I don't understand that I Think your more or less younger persons and you are not the pope or something, so please, what`s wrong with naked women. Please explain it to me.

it's a great illustration, but it is a awful tee



This is so stupid.

How about you try designing something cool for a shirt.



the title of the shirt combined with her sneering expression is what makes it so degrading...I'd rather not be walking around with a shirt whose basic message is "I think all women are whores".

Poprocks Anonymous

I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's not like the girl on the shirt looks like she's trying to be a slut or is a whore.

Actually, from a very comfortable female's point of view, she looks like she's exploited and she knows it. I love the "I hate this fucking shit" dispassionate expression. I would totally wear this around if it got printed.

All our 5s are belong to you.


Id rather have a print of it so I can frame it and put it on my wall.


I dont get why everyone takes affense to nudity of women. but i think it would be more origanl to have a naked guy on it.. in the same posiotion and have a duck taped nipe its quite cleshe for the duck tape X to be there.. But i can understand why some people get offended by it. But i would wear it. but thats because i like girls too :)


All the offense that most of these guys take to the design doesn't make sense to me. It's a great shirt and it's instantly magnetic. Exploitive, I don't get. It couldapply to a guy or girl. The duct tape just represents her life, her sacrifices, her jaded life experience, and show that she's used and been used for what she needs. Not unlike most all of us at one point or another in our lives. There's a vulnerability and irony to it; deeper than just some naked chick. For me, it says more than that. I'd wear it and I think that sensitive people would get it. Just don't wear it to church.


I would feel super not-hot as a woman in this. the girl in the shirt is way more hot then me. people would check her out instead of me. its like having a really really sexy friend that you hate to hang out with because she gets all the guys, but maybe she is still a good friend.

Death to the Strawheads

I don't find this design degrading or sexist at all. Those falsely accusing merkthose of shallow subject matter are shallow in their considerations.

Where the short-sighted see sexist exploitation of the feminine anatomy, I perceive sympathy for those who are forced into this kind of lifestyle or believe they have no potential or choice.
The basic message is not "I believe all women are whores", I think it's more offensive that such a great design could be so grossly misinterpretted.

People also forget that threadless is not only about conveying a message, humorous or profound. It is also about style, execution and a keen design sense. So if you're going to criticise someone's message so heavily, you could at least part with some constructive criticism of their design talent- threadless is about helping people further themselves, not pouncing on them the second they're not PC.

And finally, people seem to forget how difficult it is to generate controversy; 'magnetic' is correct, this design is a talking point and walks a fine line between general acceptance and general hatred.

This shirt rocks merkthose- I would have enjoyed some refined facial and shadow detail, but your style definitely kicks and I appreciate the thought you have put into this composition.

Death to the Strawheads

For those who really couldn't be bothered reading my rant: the design is awesome (5), I'd buy it, thumbs-down to uber-feminist empty-heads.

Death to the Strawheads

... Not that I have anything against feminists, they usually rock, but some can be a bit over the top somtimes...


really cool look to the illustration, nice pose and everything, but F^(*#d if I'd have the balls to wear it!


i like this shirt a lot....i know my best friend would wear this shirt in a heart beat..i hope it becomes available...good work. $5


I think the difference between shirt art and wall art is that you can put wall art in your bedroom where only people you invite in can see it. Shirt art is something everyone who looks at you sees as a first impression.

Your art is well done, but it's the sort of thing that could easily be seen as offensive (and not just to feminists; I can think of plenty of other reasons for people to object to this on a shirt) and sexist and not appropriate for a public place. So, unless the customer in question is a damn-them-all rebel sort, then I can see why they wouldn't want to wear it.

Maybe if it was marketed as part of a pyjama set...


Underwear gets lost in the circles on the bottom right, just tweak it and its good


I don't like it mainly because she appears to have some really strange anatomical issues occurring with some sort of deformity/disconnect between her lower back and her pelvis. It looks exceptionally painful. Also, no matter the quality of the artwork, I wouldn't wear a near-naked chick with 'duct tape' over her nipple. I just wouldn't wear it.


Hot...but i just couldn't wear this in public.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

fuck it i can wear anything in public (even nothing)


creeps me out a little


Good work, man!

Id totally wear it.
Just not in front of my mom.


...where's the other nipple?

anyway, there's no way i would wear this. i don't dig naked chicks.

i really don't see what the big deal is though. i don't see how a scantily clad woman is degrading to women.
if threadless didn't want it around, they wouldn't have accepted it. if people don't like it, they can just give it a zero and move on.

and yeah, there are similar designs elsewhere on the site. but lots of non-naked lady designs have similar designs too.


awesome. very unique. i like the colours and everyone. but i'm girl and i don't think i'd like to wear a shirt with a naked woman on it.


this is interesting. it's a good illustration, but i see no point of having this on a tee shirt. it's just inappropriate.


Did someone give her a nipple cripple?

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