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the nipple looks out of place. not something i would wear.


the nipple is at the good place,i made it from a picture of my girl fiend...thanks for your comments


The cable need to be there... someplace.


yup - this is a nice change from the crap i've been looking at


Tell your girlfriend her nipple is out of place.


i'll do it!


Does your girlfriend have horns? Cause I mean...That'd just be weird....Horns and a misplaced nipple...>_>

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

really well drawn but IM pretty sure that a conference isnt goign to want that for tehir shirts .. but youve got skill so keep em coming.. and no pun intended on that


ahhhhh, attack of a no-face!


No, he said his girl fiend. That's why she has horns.

My personal impression: while I would never in a million years wear this shirt, or any shirt with a naked chick on it, much less a naked chick grasping her crotch with both hands, I think that, for a picture of a naked chick grasping her croth with both hands, it is extremely well done - I LOVE the little wrinkles on her belly. I kind of feel like I have to score this shirt well just on the strength of those wrinkles, even though the only way I would put this shirt on would be at gunpoint or under threat of torture. You obviously have talent. The belly wrinkles rock my world.

Ink Boy

Whats w/ the game controller.


It's an xbox360 controller people, it's wireless.

I dig the shirt, maybe a bit too racy to wear, but hell, Im the racy type. A lot of my female gamer friends would probably like it as well.



women are not toys! or sex objects or anything like that which is exactly the message this t-shirt is sending. and do i love the drawing; that is one damn fine cartoon woman. but the message makes me ill. i don't know if this was your intention or not, and i do love the art, but a faceless naked woman sitting in front of a game controler just screams "control and play with women".


sorry pixxxie.... :( it was not my intention at all, i enjoy women, specially their body when i'm drawing. i respect woment and i certainly don't think they're objects!!! for me it's just a drawing for a tee, nothing else...


It seems like there is supposed to be a message of sorts, but there is none. Just a naked girl and a game controller.



lemon of pink

PLEASE no more naked girls. yes, a faceless demon woman is really a tribute.


i think the drawing is brilliant and beautiful even if i'd never wear it on a shirt in a million years

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

to borrow Russel Hammond's words: "ITS A T-SHIRT!"

it's just a t-shirt, it's a piece of cloth (whether it be polyester or cotton) with some print on it which consist of paint. sheesh.

i go with you, overdoz. great work my friend!


Nice style...I can appreciate the art, but I'm with a few of the others on here. The naked girl is something I would never wear. It does seem quite a bit like she is a sex object and I am not sure you could pull off a tshirt with a naked chick and not have it feel that way. I'm not sure anyone could.

But yeah, this shirt especially with the game controller makes it seem like the shirt is sexualizing girl gamers and I'm sorry, but I get enough of that on my t-shirts. Guys think we barely exist and that if we do and we're hot we are some sort f sexual novelty. Can't support that kind of thing. I'm just a gamer.

I know you said it wasn't your intetntion... but it is how it looks.


These people are idiots, it's absolutely great. Nay-sayers are too sensitive and self concious and/or jealous of your artistic prowess. Kudos!


umm... i think if t-shirts were just pieces of cloth, we wouldn't be having websites where we'd invest so much time into submitting, and, rating, and talking about, and picking out t-shirts to buy. we'd PROBABLY just end up going to value village to buy pieces of cloth (a lot cheaper, at that) to put on ourselves for the sake of keeping ourselves warm.

i can't say anything about the design that hasn't already been said, except maybe that i'm not a huge fan of the colour combination (lavender on puky brown), and what are the shadows behind her? (2 for legs, what are the other 2?)


Heh. Nipple.

(pardon my immature moment.. i can't help it..)


TERRIBLE idea. i can't even give any constructive criticism apart from, please exit the competition.


can...can...can you do that?>

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

@enamine: i only said that because some are taking stuff way too seriously. of course i appreciate design imprints on shirts, but i don't look at them as a reflection of myself nor do i get myself too attached to it.

and i hope we're all friends here, right my friend? ;)

ok now back to scoring them wicked ass designs!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i'd wear it but i wish her crossed hands didn't leave that little black vagina hole right in the middle.


I left a comment because I'm such a trendwhore.


What a great drawing. Yeah, kind of random, but this IS threadless... I love it.




/agreed @ d3d

Other than that, love. Fiven + $.


im an xbox girl, so i actually really like this and would buy it lol Im just not feeling the color of the shirt.


Nice drawing, but not something I'd ever think of wearing. Also, from far away, it looks as though she has a second bum where her hands are.. almost as though there was extra skin.


Maybe if she were holding the controller?


kaloyster: i see where you're coming from.


I like it!

Seriously though, someone should draw a naked dude covering his crotch so then we could whine about men being objects. Please dont act like it doesnt go both ways.


i just don't like it, sorry.


xbox controller???


nice artsy touch, but I'd probably not wear it. i really respect the feel of it, its great. the fact that it raises controversy also makes me like it even more. 5$


why the controller though?

I think it would be really solid without it.. not that i'd ever wear a shirt with a nakid demon girl on it.. still its a 5 for artistry


nice design... i like the theme aswell.

5 and $


If I called you a screwball, would you draw me a picture of a screw and a ball?


only if you draw me a screwball...


I dont know how to draw.


xxxbox 5$


sorry but it's just not working out.


i am a little bit scared....

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