there's a hole in my hand!

if you've never tried this before...

hold a cardboard tube up to one eye and put your other hand up against the tube. look through both eyes at once. cool, huh?

i could do this with or without text.

Watch this

While I like the idea, I don't know how well it would translate to a shirt.

It looks like it would be at home in the Science Corner of Highlights magazine, though.

Just the same, nice illustration.


its cute, i like it on brown.

handy smurf

I would do it without text and let people wonder....hee hee


No text! I like it when people are confused by a shirt, and then you can cooly explain it to them, and have "You're-an-idiot-for-not-knowing" rights for the rest of the day... maybe the rest of the week. Or maybe the rest of the year if you do your laundry. It's definitely a different concept. I like the bottom colour choice, that orange/brown colour. Very nice. 4$


I like the concept, but it is a little overcrowed with both kids onthere. Maybe have only one, and then it is a little easier to see.

lemon of pink

theenjoisk8r... the design or the optical illusion?

the design started out with only the female, but then i added the male for gender equality. he can be very easily removed.

as for the highlights science corner, that's exactly what i was going for. circa 1960, of course.


cute design. but there are a lot of dumb people out there who wont get it at first sight. (like me)

New Efficiency

when i saw this i totally knew what you were talking about. don't use the text then those who are cool enough to have actually known about this is will have mad bragging rights.


this one is cute.
i like it better without text.


really well done, no text and I'd buy!


that is so cute! i'd buy it! :]


hey yeah cool! lets make a tee shirt about something that was fun for like, 5 minutes in our childhood, then we moved on to long division and touching ourselves! Whee! Irrelevant crap is fun!


I'd drop the text

lemon of pink

haha, your bitter sarcasm is admirable, sir. but it's really more about classic childhood images than optical illusions. (although i do find irrelecant crap to be fun.)



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