Poison Apple

  • by Robsoul
  • posted Dec 07, 2005

scale done the size and I'd wear it. simple and effective design.

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Dum Luck

I like it at this size $5


I like it the way it is colors and size are perfect. I'd buy this.


deff on black. i actually like it this size.


I like it. The size is perfect, and I really like the colors.
.....It kind of reminds me of Snow White.
I would buy it in a heartbeat

funkie fresh
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smaller size of this would look really nice!


I like the concept =) Good work with the illustration.


smaller. fantastic! $$$$$


oooohhhhhhh..........apples.....i like it!


Yeah, maybe a tad smaller. And keep it green. Making the apple red would look retarded because then it'd look like it was bleeding. Green makes it look even more poisonous.

Awesome job.


Ahhh!!!!!! I love it!!!!


I have to agree with all the previous comments about making it smaller. it's a brilliant idea and i like it vey much.




cute, make the picutre smaller


OOOoooh i love sour death apples :P. love the drippage as well


i like this, it reminds me of snow white.
or maybe im just a bit tired.

anyways, i'd buy it if it were scaled down a bit. very nice.


i think of snow white here too... but i agree, the design should be a bit smaller.


I love this!!!! I would like it a tad smaller though, but it's a nice change to the old faithful skull design. PLEASE print this t threadless! my husband needs to have it!!!


Its a really good design, but it would be good a little bit smaller. I really like the green colors. There have been a couple of people who voiced that it reminds them of snow white and it reminded me the same, was that what you were shooting for? If so you did a great job.

Sly Devil

Yes, the people who thought of snow white get points, for that was the general inspiration, though the true inspiring thought was "Hmm... what if I put a stem on the top of a skull...?" and it blossomed from that. And now that (practically everyone) mentions the design could be smaller, I agree. Thanks for the feedback :)


That's a sweet graphic. My only suggestion, as others have said, is to bring the graphic size down by about 50% and put it somewhere more interesting. I would like to see it between the collar and the sleeve just above the heart on the left collar bone area. I think that would look awesome!


I'd like it if the skull was more to the side near the waist linee or over the heart and a bit smaller... but over all it's crarazy great i'd def. buy it


I like it just like this. This size. This placement. JUST LIKE THIS....


Too big, but very cool.

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