Best Served Cold

  • by Dum Luck
  • posted Dec 07, 2005

Funny, don't know if i'd wear it but 5 nonetheless!

Watch this

teehee, i'd wear it.


Haha it's adorable, but please change the shirt color. Otherwise great job!


i laughed out loud when i saw this. it's awesome.

but it bothers me that pacman looks so angry... 4


I love it! I'd buy it, and so would my room-mate! If I could vote $5 twice, I would.


maybe make some of the lines a little thicker, add a little shading? I agree that another color would be nice too. Cute idea.


Revenge is a dish best served colddddd!

5 nice work.


Tee hee. I laughed. But I agree that pacman looks too angry


Hi everyone. thanks for the nice comments so far, and hopefully some good scores too!

I had hoped this would strike a nostalgic chord with people..

The idea is that Pac Man is on the way home from his tedious job, you know, eating dots. He's got his head down and is beat... The ghost is taking his shot at pacman, now that there are no power pellets around.

It is kind of a take off on the old looney tunes 'Sam and Ralph' cartoons. Where it is their day job to punch in and fight each other over stealing sheep. I always loved that idea.

Anyway, that's why Pac Man is looking beat down, he's just punched out from another tough day at the office... thanks...


I agree that Pacman looks too angry - I think the same idea would get across with him looking a little down - some expression that's a little more unassuming. With such an angry face, it looks like he's expecting fight with the ghost. With an innocent face on Pacman, it's 5$ for me. ^_^


id love it with the eyes on both removed...

but i love it like this too



I like it. Is pacman copy righted though? Other than that I would buy it. Nice grphics. =]


The Pacman reminds me of an episode of Futurama where Fry is trying to help him defeat other video game characters.

zombieee smack

oh, but you could include some shadows.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

I did a pac man design over at (before I knew too much about threadless, check it out and let me know what you thik - too late for here but is in with a shout over there. As far as this goes, I'll give it a 3 (render coulda been better)


pacman should not be angry here. his expression needs to contrast the ghost's. it's a clever idea, but yeah also the colors need improvement. perhaps stick with the regular black and raver blue scheme of the game.


thanks for all the comments everyone...

I would be more than happy to let threadless make any improvements/changes, if this design was to be picked.

I am glad people seem to like it overall...


Flippin' sweet.
I love Pacman.
Print this one.

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