Ohmygod that is my uncle

That dude (yes, the streaker) is my uncle! haha Mike O'Brien from Melbourne, Oz...
He's been in lots of photos but I can't believe he's on a T-shirt!
Please, please, please reprint this one so I can give one to the whole family!!!
He is absolutely gonna die when he sees this...

Watch this
BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

I think it might be jesus actually.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

thats the first threadless t shirt I ever saw

d3d profile pic Alumni

i knew i recognised that photo! i alwayts thought he looked a lot like barry gibb. go champ!

Shark_biscuit profile pic Alumni

Was that during a cicket game? Thats absoltutely classic mate, Threadless should do an interview with your unk or sumthin...classic.


..and would you believe he's now a stockbroker.
I especially like the fact that he's being portrayed as Jesus. Pure gold!


Shark, it was during a rugby game in england in 1974. The first known streak at a major sporting event and in front of royalty (hence the reason it's quite a famous photo). Never thought I'd see it on a bloody T-shirt though!


I definitely need to get one so I can get a pic of him wearing it! Gotta post it on here. Does anyone know if this place ships to australia???

Shark_biscuit profile pic Alumni

Yeah, they ship to Aus, im sure if you email the Threadless dudes, that theyll do a special print. Still cant believe youre related to that guy and that hes a f--ckin stock broker now, thats gotta be one of the most halarious things ive heard for a long time, 'thats tops'.


woah coincidence much?! rotfl the interweb is a smalll world after all!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Bucephalas: Are you in Melbourne too? I know that Eskimokiss, who designed this shirt, is in Sydney. He may have a copy you could buy, or at least borrow for a photo.

This is priceless, and my best wishes and respect to your uncle Mike. He is a legend, and I think this was the image of the year back in 1974. I could be wrong though...

label profile pic Alumni

At the England v France Rugby test at Twickenham in April 1974, Mr O'Brien became the first known streaker at a major sporting event.

Never let it be said that this was a stockbroker who could not write the ticket. After a pound stg. 10 wager Mr O'Brien disrobed and streaked on to the paddock at Twickers in view of 53,000 spectators. Having faithfully discharged his responsibilities under the terms of the transaction he accessed the funds.

Although he later went to court and was fined 10 quid. Before interest and tax.


Rob, it's just them bad ass Beastiee Boyyyys getting on da pope for good. ps. where's the hot pics of your wife?

tesko profile pic Alumni

I have a vauge memory of something about someone activley protesting a piece of art by destroying it, this might be it. It looks like the pope... and it looks like the man in the middle is about to get taken out

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Wow! how'd I miss this blog..

Bucephalas, did you ever get a copy of the shirt? They have some in stock now. I would love to see your uncle wearing 1

d3d profile pic Alumni

i was wondering that myself when it got reprinted. i hope he has one.

steven218 profile pic Alumni

I got this shirt the other day purely because I love what was done with the image. Two images come to mind when you think of streakers - this one and Erica Roe, and thats why everyone needs this shirt.

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