Tree Keeper

  • by maggock
  • posted Nov 30, 2005

The mask part was inspired by Linda Bergkvist ( Other than that, I wanted to do something with hair, and tree branches, so this popped out.

2 colors booyah!

Watch this

I like it but I would want it on a black T or a green one

Dum Luck

Yeah, i like the design but not the shirt colors.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

really nice work, reminds me of something Michael Whelan would do, but his work is not at all abstracted and this looks great.


I like the design, but the pink isn't doing it for me.
Black with whit print... black or white with green print...
Maybe something gold or brown...


Robsoul: Michael Whelan! I love his work - although I wasn't thinking specifically of his art while I did it, I can see the influence now. :>

Squirelgirl: One of the options I put is indeed forest green - my favorite t-shirt color I think.

Dum Luck: I'm starting to reconsider the green on pink myself. :P But I'm standing by forest green!

Thanks for everyone's comments so far!


This design is gorgeous, but I think a different color scheme would benefit it more. I think the forest green is by far a better choice out of the two however. If the design were a little smaller, I would prolly buy it. 5.


iii like it! if they could print the forest green on a girly tee, i would prolly buy it. not so happy about the pink. i love the forest green & white together though.


This is awesome! But I don't like the girly tee color.. with the pink background. I also would like girly tee to be forest green as well.


I love it, I don't really like the pink background, but the forrest is nice. I'm such a sucker for yellow though, so I would opt for more options like a yellow with black tree keeper and a different color mask. something bright, it needs to 'pop'. 5$


its just too weird


the design is beautiful, the colors awful. the name reminds me of tori amos.


Thanks for more comments everyone. I'm starting to think I was plastered when I chose colors because not even I like them anymore (except the forest green!) I'm open to color suggestions!


I think sagestone or denim would be cool. But that's my personal opinion... :)

the bad ideas

i like the design, but I'm not so sure about the shirt colors maybe a baby blue shirt with white? but kick ass none the less.


I really like this... colors and all.


very very nice, instantly saw linda's work in the mask. lovely though, u've made it your own. colour-wise, i'd prefer more colours for better contrast. sweet! 5 &$


i love this it's beautiful.


one for the ladies.


white silhouette with a different colour mask (bright blue, green, or purple?) on a black shirt. oh yes. 5$


Nice illustration. I'd like to see this as a bottom corner design


i really like it, but different colors.

Agent _retro

Love it.
Different colors and I would buy.


I like the colors, but I think a placement on the lower left corner would look cool


ha ha, i like it with the bird, too
even though its not on the t
it looks very bird-esque
my favorite kind of esque!


i love this, never written on threadless before but had to write and hope they print this.


the colors are awful but the design is really interesting.


Not on pink, it doesn't work with the lovely design.


i like it, but i dont think she needs the mask.


this is gorgeous
but keep it in forest green


love the green version. $.


put it in the right corner of the shirt... then it'd be a $5


This design is amazing. Personally, though, i would move it to the right corner of the shirt, and change the colours...The green one is ok, but it definetly needs some different ones.
Good job.


... wow

this shirt would make me feel so fancy ... don't really like the pink bg .. but the forest green is great!



Like the white on dark green faaaaaaar better, and it is very lovely that way! 5!


i love this design.
opt for the forest green,. though.
the pink and green looks tacky.


Could you make the mask orange on the forest green?

Then I'd buy it for sure.

Beautiful, elegant.


beautiful, esp. on the pink.

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