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Dum Luck

I like the style a lot. 4


Needs work but the skillz are there.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is great .. just a fun image


On the dead horse (which I love, by the way) there is that squiggly thing there, is that signage, or just a design element? Looks like your signature. Which isn't necessary because your name gets printed on the "tag" area on the shirt. So, if it is your artistic signature I'd suggest taking it off.


I really like this very prim-evil


i really like the design but not the shirt color


This is AWESOME!
I hope this gets printed, because I would definately buy it!


dude, thats awesome, i love your work!


the thing with horns reminds me of Lenore. Love the graphic but hate the color of the shirt. hideous color.


I'd say offset & lower the grapic and change the color of the shirt and it'd be cool.


Ahahahahah! I love this! The color is a nice contrast to the art - the dark with the pink. <3! I'd buy that in a heartbeat.


all of a sudden i feel like I'm in a LOTR movie...


Different color please. Something brighter like red or green. Or something like that, idk the salmon just isnt doing it for me.
Other than that I love it!

<3 Lizz


LOVE the issustration, not so sure on the shirt color, giving it a $5 anyways


and wow I can't type tonight...


like the illustratin AND the color. Its fun on pink.
keep it the way it is!

pinecone of doom

Dude it's friggin' awsome.I do this kind of work only on a higher level, and though my work is cool I don't think Treadless will like it for their shirts. love it and I would buy it so fast dude....but please..CHANG THE COLOR O' THE BACKGROUND!!!!!!!!...please.

PS: I love Jhonen and Roman.

kenny poptart

That's pretty lame is stuff like this doesn't get printed. There are PLENTY of people, like me, that like this style of art.


cool shirt. like the style. $5

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