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  • by m.garry
  • posted Nov 28, 2005

please threadless canu change the other version to this one i\\'ve made some change

Watch this

why isn't this submitted as part of sxsw loves threadless? I like it better than any of those current submissions.


yes of course it's a sxsw threadless submission but i fortgot to tell that...sorry


I think it might look good if the ants going up to the power button were on the lower left of the shirt then the design made its way to the right shoulder area. Just an idea though...


very cute but i don't like the words....but i'm not sure how it'd work w/o them....


Also no a fan of the words...maybe just an empty speech bubble? Makes sense a an sxsw loves threadless though..too bad it isn't showing up as a part of that..

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

too busy for me

the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

i would definitely think strangers would try to ruin my life if i was caught seen in this shirt. sorry dude, it just hurts my soul.


maybe if i saw this and then the cingular ad, i'd think it was clever
but then i'd change the channel

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