Dessert Island

Curse the color restriction!

Watch this

Holy sweet potato! that is one enjoyable shirt my friend. 5$


nice concept 4


i wouldn't have got it if i hadn't read the title. maybe put the text on the back?



Anyone who doesn't get it is an idiot. Even if you don't get it it is hilarious! 5


funny, but not the best execution ever.


Good idea but bad graphic. What a waste.


i agree that the graphic should be tweaked a bit

otherwise....really punny idea

and yes i did say punny


mmmm... ice cream!

cool idea! i think the scoop of ice cream should look more like a scoop



I like it, but I also agree with the people who said it should be tweaked a little.


hehe... I always say dessert as "desert." Don't know why.


yes yes yes. i want to eat it and make a sandcastle with it at the same time. $5


totally awesome


i feel like this should be another one of those "life is good" shirts


i like it but i dont think i would by it

the color is basically wut does it for me to generic


the post above makes no sense. "does it for me to generic?"
what's wrong with the color restriction? (ie., what is it you would have changed?)
the little palm tree and the drips are really cute and good choice of color for the shirt : ).
the waveline is very subtle, i like that a lot.


i dunno, the lines on the cone would be a darker orange instead of the same color as the sand, and id put those stereotypical light green zigzags on the palm tree leafs. i guess you're all right about the tweaking, but can you be a bit more specific so i know what to change? thanks for all your comments : )

D an aa a

i like the idea, its cute and i would wear it, but the graphics do need a bit of tweaking.

karls jr

haah nice yea i'd wear it but you could use some graphic help


yup id wear it...good good

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