Come on boys... Single file

No deeper meaning with this one (not that my other submitions have had one, but anyway)...

So line up and vote...

Watch this

Animal-proportions are wrong, I'm afraid... Maybe if you would picture animals of one country, they would be better. It's just such a strange mix. I like it though, deep in my heart I am the little anmial-loving girl, wich sees all those creatures just mixed-up in a Zoo


i like it...not in pink, but cool idea.


I like the idea fine, but am deeply disappointed by the execution, since the animals are all out of scale from one to the next. Why not make them in scale, in proportion to one another?


Fix the animal sizing scale.
+Why just put it on the back?


I think this shirt is great! I love it in the lighter blue! I think the design works great on the back or the front, either way I sitll love it!


Would rather have them marching across the chest, and in proportion to one another.


Ohmygod, thos eostriches are almost as big as elephants! And that moose is a pygmy!


so I pretty much like this a lot. it reminds me of FBTMOF a lot though. 4.


aaaaargh... i'm really sorry, but i forgot that threadless removes your background colour in flash and makes it default (white)...

but if it was a different colour, you would be able to see the white button under the little t-shirt that says "front"...

that turns the t-shirt to see the print on the back side..



thats a sick tee. stick that design on any of the last four colors and i'd wear it no prob.

shes eletrik

The moose in the front reminds me too much of abercrombie..or w.e brand that is..
but i mean i like it though.
just not the moose.
everything is nice


hey nice work!

i'm partial to the dark grey and navy colored versions


I like the design lots, especially in the light blue. As mentioned before, I too am not crazy about the placement perhaps the chest would make me happier. But I'm still happy about it.

pocket_penguin profile pic Alumni

I think its very cute, but I think the biggest problem (for me) is that the moose alone is out of proportion to the rest of the animals. He should be bigger than the hippo, not smaller, y'know?

I like best on tan. :)


I like it best on aqua.

gingerbread girl

This is so cute. :D I adore it in the green, the darker blue, the pink and the dark gray.

Please please print.


I think this is really cute, if you could make them all the correct size and raise it up to the chest. TFS!


i like it as is. its a fun shirt, and the scaling works just fine for that.



I'd buy it in brown or grey. I'd also like a few random birds, little, little ones, maybe a small group, up higher. it'd be even more fabulous!


Please not in pink... black, gold, red, green... just not pink...


i liked the shirt when i saw the animals on one side.

once i figured out there was two sides i absolutely adore it.

simple, yet nice. good job


5$ -I LOVE IT.
I definately like it in the darker colors so the animals stand out, but also I would love the lighter colors with a darker shade for the animals.
Awesome work. I simply adore it too.


i think it should be printed on both sides.
i dont like the pink
love the purple, tan, teal, yellow, grey and all blues!


fix proportions, LOVE it on kelly green!
and definitely on both sides


too early ninties for my tastes, The lion king, animal awareness and maybe even a little noahs arc subtext.

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