like bunnies do

  • by linac
  • posted Nov 24, 2005

bunny luving

Watch this

That is incredibly dirty. And, we don't immediately get weather or not it's supposed to be... it could work, but I don't think it's being pushed far enough in either direction (more vs. less).


muhahaha love it 5$ + i'd buy it

Dark Visions

cute + dirty = a definite $5!


I like that it is ambiguous enough to make you wonder. I could live without the cloud though, it distracts from the rest of the design.

whisper in water

Make it smaaaaaaaller. Like, 50% smaller.
& maybe make the bunny's eyes black. The green eyes are a little creepy, in the bad way.


Yeah, it kinda seems like the green eyed bunny is possessed..Haha, the design is priceless nevertheless.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I always love tshirt like this!! I can't stand to see their cute face doing this job!


I'm not into the cute and cuddly stuff when I draw, but this is wonderfull. If I was a girl I would definetely buy it. ... in fact, I may buy one anyhow..haha! It's so objective, but yet.... it's bunnies!


love it, but whats the big white blob behind boy bunny? you need to get rid 3


I LOVE this! I want it! But I also agree about the cloud-blob thing.... it's really distracting and I would be happier if it were not there. 5$ - hopefully without the blob!


this is like those jokes in disney movies you don't get until you're older. the kind of thing that's subtle enough that you could wear it in front of kids and not feel like a complete douche about it. well done.


i don't see what's dirty about it, it just looks way cute to me, perhaps cos i'm so innocent. i want one. $5


Very cute! I love bunnies and your design is cute + funny. I would buy it but i don't like the cloud and i agree it should be much smaller.


Awwww . . . is there any sex cuter than bunny sex?


keep the cloud, it's stylized.

she's presenting!


unicorns going at it are like 10 times better.

i dont mean to be rude but just because its cute doesnt mean its a good design.


cute but i wouldnt weird it


My bunnies love, but the male doesn't understand that it's her FACE, not the other end. He's still learning.

I like it, I don't know if I would want to wear it, but I do like the design.


Really cute without the white 50's retro amporphic shape behind the white bunny. Give me a yellow sunshine with a smiling face. $5


muahaha, I'd def buy this for a girlfriend


i love double meaning shirts. if i was a girl i would so buy this and maybe i would anyway...i agree with pretty much everyone else about getting rid of that cloud shape...and i kind of like the smiling sun idea presented by it is 4...with the changes $5


I'd say to maybe make the cloud more flat-bottomed and iconic.

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