Arabic Letters*

This image uses arabic calligraphy to create an outline of two female faces as their hair and features take on the form of the letters (spelling out the names of the letters being used).

::she stood as the rush.. she sings.. to find you.. the secret melody of your name.. a spiral lock of words. through the sunrise.. she sees the secret beyond the event horizon of those eyes::

Watch this

lovely stuff - would be good to see a close-up, and maybe on different colour backgrounds too...


i feel this is very well done.

i see it on my body in about a month.



It's hard to see the image without a close up. But it looks cool... very artsy and abstract.

Nurse Mary

This is very beautiful. Very creative and lovely. I want it!! & luve it!


I can see some of the Arabic, but it's hard for me to read it. Nice design regardless.

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