• by maggock
  • posted Nov 22, 2005

Awesome image, I don't know if I like it as much tilted and in the corner though.

Watch this

I think it's tilted because it's supposed to be stormy, but the angle is extreme. Would like it smaller and centered on the shirt.


yeah, center it, and just a bit smaller would be dandy.


I'd say either center it or have it to one side
maybe add some waves some where else to help balance the image. ;)
But that’s just my two cents.


i don't like it tilted. and i think it'd look cool on the back.


meh Im not to fond of the tilt either.


nice cargo.

the angle is too ... extreme.
i dont know, i'm not too hot on one-color-only-shipwithcurvylinesunderneath-type designs.
throw in some more things (waves clouds potatoes) and colors (for the waves clouds potatoes)
i'd feel like the wall of an elderly seacaptain if i wore the current design.


if you want the xtreme angle then make a top to the wave, like the boats about to get swamped.
i love the illustration tho
mayb with the ship and waves in white?


I like it. But if you have to tilt it, don't make it too extreme


in the center would be better - i love the water.

sweet troubled soul.

maybe a bit less tilted.
it's cool though.
i like having random things such as ships on shirts. heh.


I love the image, but I'm also not a big fan of the placement. I liked the earlier idea of a wave to justify that tilt, and maybe the centering.

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