monkey cross

  • by dizzyd
  • posted Nov 16, 2005

thats just wrong, its not even funny

Watch this

It's a clever play on the darwin theory I think;
and I got a good laugh out of it, although I wouldn't wear it :-/
Great design, though.


hahahaha my first thought was "monkey grave?"
i supose it digs deaper than that.
i like it.


Bad. I don't think that any shirts with religous slurs have ever been printed on this site. and WHY do you think that is? cause it offends people. sorry.


Religous slur?! Gha? Wha? Ha!

Rheagar, you offend ME.


not only is it not even funny, but its not that great of a design either....


The design is rather conventional.

One must always watch were they tread. God&doG is acceptable because it doesn't directly negate (or dare I say ridicule) someone's beliefs.



that's so wrong, i don't know how people find this amusing.

the gurglagon

could everyone who say's this is "wrong" please be a little bit more specific.


i lik e it, and must say i like it MORE because of the controversy from all these people


it's not meant to be sacreligious i don't think, it's about the ongoing argument between the Christian religion and the Darwin theory.

In the Christian religion, God created everything in seven (?) days.

the Darwin theory says that everything is always evolving and that life is the battle of the fittest.

i wouldn't wear the shirt, but i just wnated to clear up what people were getting so confused about.


I like the tan color. i would totally get it. 5$


are there three crosses for a reason? as in three crosses on the mount or wherever Jesus was crucified. I can see why that would offend people.
I personally like any t-shirt's that may offend though, shake it up!


How funny. I know it is not a very good design (actually I think the square upper portion is not appealing at all), but I did not expect people saying "wrong, bad bad, you going to hell". I don't think it is offensive... and if it is it's your problem not mine/ours.


"i lik e it, and must say i like it MORE because of the controversy from all these people "

people need to stop taking thing to seriously. Its satire. good stuff.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

" could everyone who say's this is "wrong" please be a little bit more specific."

This design takes the key figure of Christianity, at the most sacred and revered moment in that religion's history, and replaces it with an irreverant image that mocks the core of Christian beliefs.

It doesn't depict the debate between Darwinism and Creationism. Creationism doesn't have anything to do with Jesus. Or really I have several Jewish friends that believe in Creationism.

To a Christian, this is really offensive. If you aren't a Christian, then you can't say "Lighten up, it's not offensive." (Well...I suppose you can, but it's like me (in northern Illinois) telling someone in the tropics to put on winter coat because it's freezing outside. Your opinion depends on where you stand.)

That being said, the illustration isn't very strong. The black outline is unnecessary. The box isn't helping it either.


content aside, it's just a rather poorly executed design. very hard to discern the image without the title.


it doesn't really offend me
but it lacks all creativity
the monkey gag ran out a long time ago


Whirzle1 is the only one worth a reply... So I agree whith you in EVERYTHING (and with everything I mean every word) with the exception of "to a Christian, this is really offensive". I think it's good to laugh at everything, being it christianism, atheism or whatever. The offence is in the viewers eye, you can find other people's opinions to be offensive but you have to respect it. The point is that I have to accept and respect that I'm gonna burn in hell forever and you can't accept a drawing with a stupid monkey in a cross, isn't that selfish? Put yourself in my place, wont you find a lot of the chritian opinions offensive?




so you Christians are saying monkeys didn't exist in the time of Christ? Had god not gotten around to that yet? How about a monkey just stumbled across this scene, and is doing his monkey thing. How about FOR ONE SECOND, you who are offended stop being so damn closed minded and realize not everyone is so self important as to get upset by a tshirt. If it offends you, skip it and go on to the next design with a gun/heart/flowers/panda. 29once, kudos for stirring it up a little!


I don't really have anything to add to the "is this offensive?" debate, but to whoever was wondering about the three crosses- there are three crosses because when Jesus was crucified, he was crucified with two other criminals. They had crosses too.


Artistic's more of a debate between the two than an anti-creationism plug.

$5 all the way.


you get a zero. not because it is offensive. the illustration plain blows. that's right, i said it, wanna fight about it?


it may or may not be offensive, but the use of the cross is just dumb, christs crucifiction has nothing to do with why some chritians believe in creationism, and its not just christians that belive in creationism, it is a held belief in all three abrahamic religions, as the creation story is found in genesis. oh, and it took way to long to recognise the thing on the cross as a monkey, and even longer to realize it was a creation-evolution thing.


good god folks, who says this is even creationism vs. darwinism? it's just a friggin primate monkeying around on a cross. sure, in this context, the monkey easily represents darwinism, but stop saying "creationism has nothing to do christ, hurr hurr" - we KNOW, and it's just a tshirt, not a an official statement to the kansas school board. chill out.

i like the ungainly quality. A+ ($5) for stirring things up.

handy smurf

My first thought was the Gorillaz's video Clint Eastwood, I didn't take this as offensive at all. My second thought was that maybe the monkey was swinging from cross to cross and then in my mind I turned the crosses into telephone poles with wires.

steph is BEAT

i dont get it. and i dont like it.


There are so many messages mixed up in this design that I'm too confused to be offended. Clarify it a little (lot).

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