Digital Pangaea

  • by arethiel
  • posted Nov 15, 2005

In ancient times, the world's land mass were united in a giant supercontinent called Pangaea. At this point, plants and animals could freely and easily cross the tectonic divides to roam across the entire land.

As tectonic motion split the land masses apart, easy access to each continent became more and more difficult until some were entirely isolated. However, times have changed.

With the advent of technologies such as aircraft, ships, telegraphs and telephones, the seperation of the continents has shrunk greatly. At last, with the dawn of the internet, immediate communication and interaction has reunited the world continents into a new supercontinent, Digital Pangaea.

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yes! i think you just summed up the book 'the world is flat' in three paragraphs. :) great design!


Neat! I like it.


Wow! I like it a lot. It's deep. Real deep. I like deep. Anyway.



this fits the theme perfect, while being a really cool design all itself.


I like it, but I'd lose the text, I think the design stands well on it's own.


i agree. the design kicks ass all on its own. very cool concept.


Great graphic. I also think the text distracts, though...its placement is also not so cool for us who happen to be chicks (or dudes, I suppose) with long hair.


The circle is optically squished on the vertical axis. You should stretch it so it looks like a circle.

Great concept. I agree with losing the text. It isn't needed.

If you want to try something else with this piece, try making the continents more geometric and integrated into the circuitry, rather than having them simply lay over the lines.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice job...the changes you made are great...
i like the green/yellow one...
nice concept, and i am not against the text or its placement...


note to oeon: the earth isn't a circle.


A two-dimensional sphere is a circle, laner. Shirts are flat.

Love the concept. Fiven + $.


Nice idea. Very bright. Maybe too large. Would be a nice pocket logo. I like the colors. You could put the text under the "world" so to speak so people don't have to ask -- "what is it?" if you get my meaning. I like it.


"Digital Pangea" Sounds like a band name, and it is a little redundant. Take out the word digital. Pangea should be enough on its own. Gives the viewer something to think about. Don't explain it to your audience. They should understand that the continents are apart already, and connected by circuitry. Pangea just drives it home. You don't need the word digital there at all. (5)


5, and it'd be a definite buy without the text.


Absolutely love it. Agree with all the "no text" comments.
Definately something I'd buy in a split second.


i very much like the concept minus the text on the back and perhaps a different set of colors.


Awesome ... I think I'd like it even more without the text. The graphic is very expressive in my opinion.


I love it, but I wouldn't have the text on the back. Or really anywhere. Lose the text.


i would buy it but scratch off the shit in the back


Excellent idea.


For those interested in noting, the text can/will be removed should the design be chosen.


love the tshirt, id buy it if there wasnt the text


I actually like the text, but I do appreciate that it's on the back of the shirt.


yellow ....maybe not..?


Love it! But not the text.

5, and I'd buy without the text.


Very intelligent concept! Great job :D


I disagree with the idea of Pangea; perhaps you are making fun of science by juxtaposing the computer chip and land formations? Bonus point!


the design is good, but it could use a bit more distinction between the digital componants and the continents. i also tend to prefer shirts without text, but this one isn't too overbearing. the placement, though, is reminiscent of branding placement on many different companies. overall, though, its very representative of the SWSX theme and a well thought out design.

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