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The Cookies, guys!! The cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!1one11!!!eleven


This is absobloodylutley the coolest shirt in the HISTORY of...erm, well my collection of shirts, anyways. And I'm a lady with an affinity for shirts; I have ver ver a lot of shirts.

But I do believe this shirt is going to go places, experience things, and get lots of luuuuuuurve from me!!!

I could not wait to speed home from skew today to place my order. I was 1/2 tempted to ask for next day shipping and handling as well, but Fabs didn't seem too keen on that idea.


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so, um, do you ever eat cookies and whores together? i bet that would make one tastey snack. except, sometimes, whores can be a little gamey, so you've gotta pick the ones that are in season.

am i wrong?

tesko profile pic Alumni

The best, freshest whores are always reared wild



Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you mean bores right.... wild bores couldn't draaagggg me a-way

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Why not just type "omfg"? Spelling it out is annoying.

tesko profile pic Alumni

No, prostitutes. Where I live they are intensivly farmed in huge barns, but due to unsanitary conditions they are seriously lacking in quality. I remember when my dad used to take me out on wild whore hunts, just me and my pa, a 12 gauge and our whore lures.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I have some vintage whore lures. I was thing about putting them on Ebay but they're stained, probably ain't wortth much now.

tesko profile pic Alumni

Keep em, they'll probably be collectors items one day


yeah. my favorite vintage whore lure is the one shaped like red foxx's cock covered in cocaine. works every time.


Hey guess what. I gave you points when I bought this shirt. Why? Because your blot about it was awesome, and you seem to like this design as much as me! This is my first ever Threadless purchase. Yay! Feel special.

I Eat Whores

Haha thanks everyone, I lobe you ver ver a lot. I shall take you all out on a night of luuuuuuurve and treat you right. <333

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